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10 Doubts About Smart Home System people have

The 21st century has witnessed a lot of technological innovations in a very short period of time.Smart home system is one of them.

From cloud computing to high speed wireless internet to affordable smartphones,  Smart home system to artificial intelligence and a million others.

These innovations have truly made our lives efficient than it has been in any other period of human history. 

It has also have given our productivity the boost it needs to carry out further technological marvels.

using a smart home app

1. What is smart home ?

A smart home system is basically a network of interconnected devices that  can be controlled through your computer, tablet, smartphone or voice.

These devices can be refrigerators, television, fans, air conditioners, lights, security cameras etc.

smart home control system in hand

Smart home system appliances come under IOT or Internet of Things.

smart homes are energy efficient

2. Are they energy efficient?

Smart home systems are indeed energy efficient.

 A research by shows that smart home automation technologies save up to 1-15% energy contributing to a greener environment and big savings on your electricity bills.

Smart witches come with timer and auto-off options which can be fine-tuned according to your schedule.

Smart water sprinklers know when and how much water the garden needs using AI technology and so it also saves a lot of energy. 

3. Are they secure?

Security has become a major concern for people now-a-days and hence why new commercial housing colonies have come with security guards and CCTV’s that are pre-installed.

Unlike manual locks which can be picked, smart home systems come with biometrics and all sorts of anti-burglary measures. 

Connected security cameras means that you can monitor who’s at your door through your smart-phone.

smart homes are secure

Contrary to movies and pop culture, it’s not that easy to hack into your smart home system and access that can jeopardize your life. 

It takes much more effect and these systems come with tamper proof security measures so your safety is assured. 

A research from further proves this.

Mechanical locks can be tampered with but not bio-mechanical smart locks.

 Apart from this smart smoke detectors and water dousing systems add another layer of security to your smart home ssystem.

smart home money saving

4. Are they affordable?

Smart home systems have seen price reduction drastically since its first appearance in the Indian market.

Smart led bulbs, smart security cameras, integrated smart switches, smart fans, smart thermostat, smart sprinklers, biometrics locks etc. are now super affordable.


Though expensive than their non- smart competitors, these provide long term benefits which shows as savings in your electricity bills, peace of mind and a greener environment.

5. Do smart home need extra setup?

Smart home system do not need a lot of wiring especially if you have a stable internet connection.

Smart home  system switches connect over to your main switch box and let you access your appliances via your smartphone.


making all home appliances smart

Based on the size of your house/apartment and your router range, you will be needing Wi-Fi extenders to increase the range so that it is accessible in the entire area.

smart home can work with existing devices

6. Does smart home work with existing devices?

While not all non-smart appliances work with smart home automation systems, the smart switch designed by iCapotech works with your existing lights and fans and converts them into a smart device.

7. Will it be a jungle of wires ruining my home décor?

Wires are involved in a smart home system setup but most of it is wireless so there is no fear of dangling or entangling of wires all around the house.

If you opt for iCapotech smart switch, then the wires are fitted and hidden properly so that they don’t interfere with the décor of your beloved house.

8. What are the benefits of smart home ?

Smart home system benefit you in not one but several ways. Although we have compiled for you 20 Reasons Why You Would Love a Smart Home, here are a few points summarized for you.

a.  Savings: With smart thermostats, smart lights and other smart appliances you save a lot on your electricity bill due to auto off and energy efficient features.

b. Safety: Smart houses are safe due to remote monitoring, anti-burglary, anti-fire systems etc. provide an extra layer of protection for your loved ones.

c. Convenience: Smart home devices are interconnected with each other. 

So you don’t have to think about forgetting to switch off the lights while binging at night. They detect activity using complex algorithm making life easier.

d. Control: When everything is just a click away you feel like you have control of your life. Life can get out of control, but this won’t.

e. Peace of mind: Peace of mind comes from security and comfort. 

With automatic temperature control and motion sensor lights dimming and changing the hue according to mood, your home will become your best hangout place.


9. If there are so many benefits, why is it still not mainstream?

Well, smart home automation is a relatively new technology and it takes time for a society to adapt to something new. 

Smart home automation products are still not mainstream due to:

benefits of smart home

a. Price: Smart home devices are still comparatively expensive to their non-smart competitors and when it comes to a developing country like India, less percentage of the demographic have adequate disposable income.

b. Security and Privacy: Documentaries and movies showing security cams and locks getting hacked leading to leak of information has scared consumers for a long time and continues to do so, hindering the move towards smart home devices.

c. Reliability: Internet speeds in India are still lagging behind the rest of the world. Apart from that, server downtime and blackouts also affect Indian suburbs very frequently, thus making the choice of investing in a smart home difficult.

10. Is a smart home really worth it?​

Definitely yes, with so many benefits it’s not fair to not choose making your home smart based on false pop culture references. 

Once you experience a smart home environment you’ll never want to go back. It’s definitely worth every penny. 

Plus if you’re renting an apartment you can always break it down and carry with you when you’re shifting.

Speaking of that, Living Things Aircon system by iCapotech can transform your non smart existing AC into a smart AC.

Extremely affordable and a superb consumer friendly quality service you’ll already feel futuristic after getting into this ecosystem. 

Hassle free installation and dedicated smartphone app with tons of features means that there is literally no excuse now.


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