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12 Signs That You Should Shift to a Smart Home Device

We’ve all heard the saying “The future is now”. But what if we tell you that the future is actually here? Technology has advanced so much so that we’ve started building our own flying, self-piloting cars around us. There are multiple digital assistants around us who are designed to specially serve us at a moment’s notice.

Increase your energy savings with intelligent control graphic

In the era of Internet of Things, there is a huge demand for connected homes. With technology and innovation going hand-in-hand, smart home upgrades are on a drastic rise. But this seems to be the case in countries like the US and the UK.

Other countries, especially in the east, such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the others seem to be quite sceptical about the whole concept of smart homes. While people here are yet to accept this idea, it’s not far from being implemented.

Here are a few signs that you might want to look into that might tell you that you need to shift to a smart home device right away:

1. Insulate your wallet:

We can hear you. You want to know how smart home device technology can help you save money on utility bills?

Here’s how: When you’re rushing to work on a Monday so that you don’t get late, you can check your smartphone to see if you’ve turned on the lights and the switches instead of going back in.

You can also rely on a smart thermostat for heat and air conditioning. With the touch of one button, you can change the temperature of your house and even power it down completely

2. Saving Energy by using smart home device

 If smart home device can save your pocket, then they are sure to save some energy too! While everyone is trying to come up with methods to save and conserve energy, smart homes are a big step in the direction.

The average household could cut around one-third of its electrical energy by shifting to energy-efficient smart home technology.

save energy with smart home device

A research by shows that smart home automation technologies save up to 1-15% energy contributing to a greener environment and big savings on your electricity bills.

save resources with smart home device

3. Saving Resources:

Yes, smart home device allows you to save time, effort and lots of money. But did you know the other benefits?

It can notify you during emergencies such as a water leakage or an issue with an electrical wiring. With the help of certain devices, you can also monitor the energy utilized by each appliance.

This will you an insight about where you’re using energy the most and help you reduce it as well.

4. Saving Time with smart home device:

Everyone is always finding shortcuts to save time and we are sure you’re one of them!

Home automation helps you cut corners in innumerable ways, say for instance, you can wake up to the smell of hot coffee every day as your coffeemaker will brew it even before your alarm goes off.

Or, you could stock food in your refrigerator while you’re not home. Cool, isn’t it?

5. Peace of mind using smart home device:

Are you always worried about your kids returning home from school? Do you fret about your house when you’re travelling?

You can keep all these thoughts to rest with smart homes. A smart home system will take care of all of this and let you enjoy in peace.

Smart home devices will offer you the confidence and will ensure that your family is safe and sound when you’re not around. Not only this, you will also be able to monitor and control alarm systems, locks, smoke detectors and more via your smartphone.

6. Looking for some fun:

You might not believe us at first, but smart homes are actually fun. And if you’re someone who loves fun, then what are you waiting for?

Through smart technology you can automate your home entertainment system- you can talk directly to your television set, create a disco scene by programming your smart lights for an evening party and much more.

Your daily chores too will turn into fun as the smart devices will take care of them for the most part while you can sit and give them commands. Here are 20 reason why you should love smart home devices.

security with smart home device

7. Security: your Priority: smart home device

Do you live in a safe neighborhood? Are you constantly on the watch for burglars and thieves at your door? Why worry when smart homes can cover for you?

While you can buy alarm systems to protect your house, smart homes   come with added security. Connected lights, security cameras and doorbells are all designed to take care of your security needs.

You can also monitor who is at door or at the window and who has unlocked or locked your door- everything at your fingertips.

8. Forgetfulness:

If you are in the assumption that with smart home technology, you will be able to control only lights, then you’re wrong.

Your smart home can do so much more; your WiFi enabled smart socket gives you the power to take charge of anything at home. Are you forgetful at times?


You know the feeling when you leave your house urgently in the morning and forget to turn off the lights or the gas in the kitchen. You are constantly thinking and worrying about it until you actually reach home and check for yourself.

But imagine, never having to worry about leaving the oven turned on as you board your plane. That’s the power of Smart Home Automation!

manage multiple task using smart home device

9. Manage multiple tasks, all at once: using smart home device

Take some tedious household tasks out of your hands with the help of home automation. Picture your laundry machine automatically starting a wash cycle or your fridge that orders milk and vegetables online when you’re running low on these.

With smart automation, you don’t have to run around the house and take care of every small thing. Your house will do that for you!

10. For entertainment:

Are you a party animal? Your smart home could be the hub to relax and to arrange amazing, fun parties. Want to know how?

With connected speakers that are combined with AI based assistants, your home could turn into an entertainment pool. These devices can offer news, sports cores and so much more

entertainment with smart home device

You could turn the house into a romantic getaway for your partner or have a small get-together with close friends or go crazy- your smart home will take care of all your wants.


11. Control:

While the AI assisted technology does take care of your house, it only does so with your command. So, at the end of the day, you’re still the master of the house.

If you’re a control freak and even if you aren’t one, we know how important it is to keep your house clean and tidy at all times. But your schedule might not agree with you.

12. Voice assistance:

Do you hate typing? Even if you don’t, imagine the amount of time you could save by giving commands to your house without actually having to type it out. 

Your voice assistant will take care of all your homely requirements for you while you can go to work worry-free.

voice assistance with smart home device

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