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14 Things You Can Magically Do With A Smart Home Products

14 Things You Can Magically Do With A Smart Home Products

Smart Home Products, as a concept is slowly but effectively taking over the world. While the West has been receptive to the idea, countries like India still have their doubts and concerns.

Smart Home products are evolving day by day much like technology itself and has been destined to become an integral part of our lives in the years to come.

While we cannot be sure of what the future hold for all of us, we can be sure of the core values that smart home technology has always aimed for- simplicity and convenience. Yes, your life can get a whole lot easier and comfortable with home automation taking up all your different roles to give you some peace of mind.

Here are 14 things we’ve put for you that will magically be done if you invest in a smart home:  

1.Curb Energy using smart home products

 Do you know how much electrical energy you waste on a daily basis? If you don’t let us tell you that it is a lot. A LOT!

With more and more greener methods being effective every other day to conserve and save our planet, 

save energy with smart home device

it is high time you do your small part too! Not just that, you’ll be saving a lot of money in the process as well, which if you ask us, is a super bonus in itself. 

With smart home products, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to switch off the lights or the gas; your home will take care of that, for you.

You don’t have to rush back home from office to check if everything is in place anymore. With the help of one button, you can control your home from anywhere. It’s time you leave the stress behind and adopt smart technology!

Lock and Unlock doors with your mind using smart home products

2.Lock and Unlock doors with your mind

Do you want your doors to do something than be mere metal hinges? Smart Home Technology is at your rescue!

With this, you can automatically unlock/lock doors when you approach and leave. You can spare yourself from the horror of losing your keys or handing them out to neighbors because now it is easy to lock and unlock doors with a simple tap of a button.

3. Automate your Lights and Control them from Anywhere using Smart Home Products

According to the US Energy Information Administration, lights account for more than 30% of a home’s energy consumption. But with a smart home, you’re sure to make a lot of savings.

They can save you money, time and a whole of energy. By automatically setting the lights to your preferences and routines, you can secure your home as well.

Brighten them or dim them as per your mood, turn them on when you want someone to feel like you’re home or turn them off automatically when you leave the house- all this and more even when you’re far from home. 

Automate your Lights and Control them from Anywhere​
Save Money on Bills​ using smart home products

4. Save Money on Bills using smart home products

With smart home products, you don’t have to sweat your monthly bills ever again. You can automatically turn down the thermostat, your AC, the lights, the heater and so much more when you’re away with the touch of a button.

A research by shows that smart home products technologies save up to 1-15% energy contributing to a greener environment and big savings on your electricity bills.

You can do so much to save our planet and also save your pocket by switching to smart technology.

5. Secure your home- Easily and Affordably by using smart home products

It’s not smart to pay for traditional security system anymore. With the monthly fees, contracts and installation fees- they’re sure to rob your pocket.

Secure your home- Easily and Affordably​

But worry not, with home automation you can lock and unlock doors from any part of the world, control the lights and also trigger a blaring siren if there’s an unwanted entry. 

The 20 Reasons Why You Would Love Smart Homes are mentioned  here 

Not just that, you can also get immediate alerts about who is at the door or the window and you’ll be able to keep a thorough check on your family.

Prevent a Small Leak from causing a disaster​

6. Prevent a Small Leak from causing a disaster

We’ve all been in instances and situations where a small leak has caused so much damage to your house. And if you’ve been through this, you know how much money it takes to get it repaired.

If you haven’t, then let us tell you-it’s not cheap. A minor leak can escalate to cause devastating damage and hence you need to get immediate alerts so that you can act quickly before it costs you a fortune.

7. You can teach things to start talking to each other

Owning a smart home products is very similar to having to conduct an orchestra. You can call on each object to play its tune, but the actual fun begins when you the objects are connected and work together to create a symphony. 

You can teach objects and devices in your smart home to work together so that they automatically react to your preferences and daily routines.

Trigger the coffee machine to start brewing before you wake up or the lights to turn on and off according to your movements around the house- everything is possible with a smart home.

Protect your family even when you’re not around using smart home products

8. Protect your family even when you’re not around using smart home products

We know you’d love to catch every move of your child but it sure is difficult when you have to go to work. And that’s where Smart Homes come in!

Since home security is not limited to the exteriors of your house, but includes the interiors as well, it becomes easier to protect your family by protecting and securing dangerous and off-limit areas.

You can also get immediate alerts if your children are opening a cupboard that they shouldn’t or are touching the cleaning supplies etc.

9. Change the lighting to fit your mood

Yes, you can turn on and off lights whenever you want with smart technology. But there’s so much more you can do with the lights in a smart home.

Automating the lighting depending on your mood and activity is super easy- be it a romantic dinner, a sports match, a friendly get together or an evening dance party.

The lighting system can also be integrated with the curtains at home so that when the sun sets, the curtains drop down automatically and when its time to rise and shine, they open on their own!

Change the lighting to fit your mood​
Enjoy a cinema experience in the comfort of your home​

10. Enjoy a cinema experience in the comfort of your home

 We all love movies and we all love them when we watch them in a theater. Right? But what if we told you could experience a theater-like experience at the comfort of your home? Cool, right?

Experience the magic of home theater with smart homes. A single button can turn on the TV, put the speakers to the preferred volume and also adjust the lighting to your liking. Say bye to a million remote controllers!

11. Find out who unlocked the door

Yes, you heard us. You can monitor who unlocks the door with the help of smart home technology.

These smart devices are designed specially to notify you when your door is locked or unlocked or if your window is opened at any time of the day when you’re not around.

Find out who unlocked the door​
Enjoy a smarter kitchen

12. Enjoy a smarter kitchen

Thanks to Smart home products , our cooking experience just got better!

With smart refrigerators, stoves and much more, you’re sure to enjoy cooking henceforth. Smart stoves and ovens can notify you when they reach the necessary temperature so that your meal doesn’t get burnt.

Our smart refrigerator lets you know when the door is left open or can automatically adjust the temperature according to the time of the day.


13. Play your music catalogue throughout the house

You might be an avid audiophile with a massive music library or a casual music listener, but the experience just gets better with smart technology. You can access all the music you want, both offline and online, from any part of the house.

Play your music catalogue throughout the house

Additionally, multi-room music distribution systems help you play music in a particular room you want- be it the kitchen, bathroom or the bedroom. You can also play different songs in different parts of the house to have a concert of your own!

14. Stay connected to your family

The only thing more annoying than sending a text to your children to ask them where they are is to ask them to teach you how to send a text itself. Checking in with people who matter the most to you should be easier, and thanks to smart home tech, it sure is now!

Just like you use your smartphone to see what’s going on in your friends’ lives on social media, you can now use your smartphone to easily check on your family and pets. You can see when your children came home from school, whether a car arrived at your driveway and if your pets are leaving the house unexpectedly.

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