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20 Reasons Why You Would Love Smart Homes

Heads up! This post is likely to pique your interest in Home Automation in ways that you may start to Love Smart Homes, or in the least love the concept.

This is the 21st century – the age of Artificial Intelligence. Humanity, like never before, is on the threshold of realizing its dream of a completely automated society.

With continuously evolving lifestyles, it has become increasingly tough to adapt to its time frame; and the responsibilities and complications that come with it.

20 reasons why you should love smart homes

In such cases, the maintenance of our house starts to feel like a tedious task. After a hectic week, you’d rather look forward to a peaceful weekend with your family than a one with additional house-maintenance work.

You feel it, right? Is there a solution? YES, and it is for you to ‘Love Smart Homes’.

“Wait. Wait. Wait! After a smartphone, smart TV, smart refrigerator; there are smart homes, too?” 

Oh, yes! Technology is a consequence of never-satisfying human desire. Designed to assist you with a majority of your day-to-day work, ‘Smart Homes’ is the market’s new boom. It’s time to get rid of the skeptical stereotypes surrounding them. Here are 20 reasons you’d love smart homes:

1. Control Amenity

You had a tiresome day at work and you’d like to relax and forget about all your worries. No problem – your smart home is always there for you.

Even if you are someone who falls asleep while reading or maybe too tired to get up just to turn off the lights, you can always use smart homes’ voice assistance. It is now easier to get things done without moving around. Just say the magic word and it’s done.

Even if you’ve rushed to the office or flown out of the city for an emergency, forgetting to switch off the light or any other gadgets, it’s okay! Just use the mobile app to turn them off.There are many reasons to love smart homes.

voice assistance

2. Voice assistance

When at home, you need not bother to carry your mobile everywhere to get things done. 

With voice assistance technology, you can simply talk to your house just like you’d do with any other human and watch it perform the charm.

This is an another reason to love smart homes.

3. Reliability

So, how do you know you can trust these things? Smart Homes, like any other smart gadgets, are controlled via the internet and has a complete synchronization of data, which is used to enhance its performance.

Besides, with 5G internet connection on the brink of becoming a reality, it is obvious that the quality of performance and reliability are only going to become exceptional in the coming years. Also, smart homes are extremely flexible in accommodating new appliances.

4. High security and safety

 Now, bid adieu to the conventional locking and security systems, thanks to the advanced technology providing numerous ways to secure your house, without having to worry about caring for your key.

Fingerprints, retina-scanner and facial recognition technologies provide highly tested and approved extreme-security systems.


high security and safety

Additionally, you can set security cameras, motion detectors and other tangible security systems to keep a watch out on the visitors.A smart home can also warn and protect you from a potential threat like accidental fire or a system malfunction. And guess what? Even you can’t break into your own house! Just saying.

Environment care

5. Environmental care

With deteriorating environmental conditions, we humans, as a species play the most significant role in ensuring the longevity of the planet.

Smart homes are a promise of clean energy usage and a better tomorrow. Having a smart home means:
a. Less energy wasted on heating and cooling.
b. Smart usage of your lighting and appliances.
c. Saving water for optimum use.

There are a lot of amenities that can help us to reduce carbon footprint and save our environment, and smart homes are certainly one of those.

6. One-time instruction

A smart home requires one-time instruction. Using its advanced machine learning technology, they adapt to your living patterns and help you to lead a care-free life.

We take this opportunity to suggest you something

Our one time suggestion to you would be to ‘love smart homes’ to become smarter. Because only after you will love smart homes, shall you be able to take the effort to make your own home smart.

7. Improved life

There is no denying that a smart home can make your life easier. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have your oven start to preheat while you are still on your way back so that you can straightaway pounce onto the steaming food when you are home?

You can even ask your house to cool down a bit when it’s an extremely hot day outside. You can be miles away and still not worry about security.

Ah, what a stress-free life that would be!

It is no surprise that we compiled a list of 16 unexpected ways that smart home automation makes your life better.

8. Work-life balance

If you are a part of the 9-5 corporate job circle, you know the feeling of coming home stressed from work and having to see to your duties at home – maybe cooking, cleaning and whatnot.

With Smart Homes, you don’t have to worry about any of these.

You can spend your evenings and weekends relaxing and having fun with your family.

work life balance

9. Smart Cleaning

With smart homes, cleaning your house just got easier.

While enjoying your coffee on the couch, you can turn on the washing machine or even ask for automated cleaning of windows or bathroom.

smart cleaning

10. Accessibility


In case your family includes an elderly or physically challenged member, you probably know how tough it gets for them to access the various parts of the house.

Smart homes make their life easier and using voice commands makes it even better for those who are unfamiliar with computers.

11. The babysitter

There are some additional perks of having a smart home. It can always help you keep an eye and check the movements of babies and pets.

It can also keep a schedule of their bathing and supper time. On a lighter note; they may even read your kid a bedtime story.


12. Energy efficient

Love smart homes as they are energy efficient.

Smart Homes are a way of energy efficient and sustainable life. For example, lighting can be set to automatically switch to night mode after sunset, thereby saving energy and also making the environment more ambient.

You can also train your home to automatically manage the energy needed for heating and cooling with programmable temperature control that understands your temperature preferences.

energy efficient

13. Affordable in the long run

love smart homes because they are not only energy efficient but also affordable.

Though the initial investments seem high, it has been proven in various studies, that smart homes are more affordable and easier to maintain than their counterparts – the conventional houses.

There are some amazing affordable solutions which are now coming in the market.

Affordable in long run

14. Savings


It has been proven that smart home users save nearly 15-30% more money than those with a conventional house. 

Over the course of years, these savings quickly add up and you can put that money to better use. 

For Eg: Buying something for your loved ones or for yourself, or even better; save it for the future of the family. Love smart homes, love your money.

15. Home Insights

Besides all of these life-simplifying answers, you can always check-up on your smart home’s performance and also have time-to-time insights about your lifestyle – like how long you watch the T.V, what kind of food is cooked in your oven, energy consumption habits and many more.

These help you better analyse your lifestyles and make necessary adjustments. 

Home Insights

16. Resale


When it comes to selling a Smart Home, in case you are moving permanently out of town, the sellers have an abundance of unique selling points.

Smart Homes have the potential to be sold for a higher price than the conventional ones. Also, explaining about your smart home to the buyer is very easy.

17. Always developing

It may sound unfair to include this as an advantage alongside the others, but it’s true. With the smart homes industry drawing attention from the major tech-giants and billion-dollar investors, they are only going to get better with each passing season.

18. Stylish look

You’ll agree that a house needs to look its best to maintain the positive aura for you and your family. A smart house takes care of this itself.

With the inclusion of sophisticated gadgets, your house looks like a paradise (only it’ll be talking one). This helps prepare for guests easily and create a big impression. And who knows, they may be inspired to own a smart home after seeing yours.

19. A modern-day necessity

With fast changing lifestyle and the working patterns continually evolving, smart homes will sooner cease to be a luxury and become a modern-day necessity.

20. One happy family

One happy family

With all the worries and necessities addressed and well covered, yours will be a happy abode and you’ll now be able to spend some quality time with your loved ones and get closer to each other.

After all, it’s the family that matters.  Love your family , love smart homes.

So, what are you waiting for? Say NO to your stressful life and start planning for your ‘perfect’ smart home.

We got our homes smart using Living Thing’s Smart Home Maker, a simple to use smart device which connects with your existing electrical appliances using Wi-Fi and makes them smart.

You can then control them from anywhere using a dedicated app which you can download on your smartphone.

Take the first step and get a feel of what a smart home could feel like.

Get in touch with our team of experts to know more about smart homes and how you can adapt to this smart living. 

At Living Things, we believes that innovation begins at home and therefore we constantly improve our products and services so that we can provide you future proof smart home solutions.

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  1. Mike Sanders

    It’s awesome that smart homes can be sold at higher prices than conventional homes. My sister has been telling me about how she wants to make sure that her home is worth as much as possible when she sells it. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for getting a smart home system installed.

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