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About Us

For our customers, we are a hardware company devoted to provide, safe, secure and smart homes by integrating us living beings with the internet of things.

But at our core “We are a value based, people’s organisation”

Our Vision is to enable the enthusiastic entrepreneur to live an ingenious life.

Our Mission is to create the most thriving environment for hardware technology entrepreneurs to create products out of prototypes

Our Values

The Team comes First

Everybody, from an Intern to the founder is a Teammate and the Team is above any Individual
So we have a culture of individual respect even within hierarchy.  An open conversation and sharing of ideas is encouraged


Our commitment to good work comes with a set of struggles that require us to be consistently understanding and empathetic towards fellow colleagues and customers.
We have found it to be the best way to ‘connect’ in life.


Trust is the foundation of any human relationship and it is built on a strong sense of ethics and integrity.
This is both a virtue and a core value of the company and it is expected out of every individual.


We believe that when we choose to take responsibilty of something it naturally comes with a sense of accountability.
This makes us immune to blame game and excuses.

Our Why?


We get a deeper sense of meaning in our lives by bringing all these creations into the world, thus creating a thriving ecosystem for innovators


Innovation is not born from the dream, innovation is born from the struggle.

We put our thoughts into solving a problem in a big way & we end up innovating along the journey. Because, the existing solutions haven’t done a good enough job and thus need an upgradation or major changes.

Thus, we are on a trejectory to become the Leader in Future Tech Solutions for the World


We want enthusiastic innovators to live ingeniously

Every year India receives approximately 12000 patents

Where are all these products? 

“In the Prototype Stage”

Because prototypes don’t become products on their own, they need development

Innovators don’t become entrepreneurs on their own too, they need nurturing

Once the entrepreneur starts impacting a big problem, it sends down a cascading positive ripple effect across the globe.



How can you become the leader in the future tech solutions for the world?

Use all the existing innovation and resources you have and focus all your energies to make it available to customer in a meaningful way.

That’s what we did!

How Exactly?

We came together leaving our cushions of a good life, aiming towards an amazing life.

We collaborated to create the best solutions for “the High E-Bill Problem”

The worries about incremental losses due to High Electricity.

We analyze the power consumption of the interested commercial space. 

Then, we implement practical, IoT based solutions to achieve the target E-Bill.

Begin at Home

For us “Clarity Begins at Home” 

The best start to inspire people to build a scalable product is by 

“Building one Yourself!”

So after doing some digging up, we found the problem that each and every commercial space owner suffers from in the country

The High E – Bill Problem

Let’s see “How Exactly”, we are doing this.

What We Do!

Smart E-Bill Reduction Solutions Steps

Submit the form on top, after filling your details. 
Upload the pic of your E-Bill , if you do not have the have E – Bill, Go to next step

Fill the required details and submit your E-Bill

This form might take a little more time to load so be patient. 

It bill open just under “Or, if you don’t have your Electricity Bill then” title text

Yes, be assured, if this doesn’t happen, you have our contact number to grill us. Here it is 8779105838

We will need a few details about your consumption pattern and space, to know how you are using your energy

Living Things will create insights based on the data given to us and start giving you actionable measures to reduce electricity usage

On seeing the results from our insights, you could decide whether you would like to continue taking our insights for a pretty small annual subscription, or not.

You could also decide to offload the implementation of some of our insights onto us, purely on E-Bill Savings outcome basis.


Know how you are using your appliances and where you are wasting the most power.

Switch On & Off all electrical appliances like Lights, Fans, ACs, and Heaters remotely whenever you know from us that they are consuming extra power.


Create a Set and Forget rule for Switching your electrical appliances as per your convenience.

For Eg: Switch on Lights at 5 pm and Switch Off at 11pm​


Notify yourself whenever your appliances exceed usage beyond a stipulated time

Join us on the mission to fight against Covid-19, get the best solutions for your home, business, and locality delivered to your email.

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