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Share it! You never know whom you are inspiring.

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Share it! You never know whom you are inspiring.

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The Next Big Thing in Smart Home Thu, 26 Dec 2019 07:18:50 +0000 The Next Big Thing in Smart Home Up until as less as a decade ago, Smart homes, or rather, automation in any form, was a…

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The Next Big Thing in Smart Home

Up until as less as a decade ago, Smart homes, or rather, automation in any form, was a thing straight out of a Science Fiction movie or series or a luxury they couldn’t even dream of. 

The way “technology,” a thing that belonged in the movies or the Science Laboratories, under the careful watch of men and women clad in white coats, has been domesticated is nothing short of astounding. 

What was once a thing you saw on the big screen while eating popcorns and laughing at the probabilities, is now something you see all around you, every day, in your home.

1960s witnessed the rise in popularity of science fiction and shows like The Jetsons and Star Trek became the talk of the town. Little did the makers and the viewers of a cartoon show imagine that within their life time, they will be living what they presume to be a futuristic society set a century in the future.

This hype stayed alive through the 1970s and 80s. The 80s witnessed not only the popularization of the term “domotics” but was also the decade when the term “The Smart Home” was first coined. (1984 by American Association of House builders)

But the most significant decade was the 1990s. It was the decade when Computer Scientist Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web, the networking technology that brought the Internet to the masses. This opened the flood gates to further advancement in data sharing, management and control.

Through the next two decades of the 21st century, we saw unprecedented speed of technological advancement that made Smart Homes not only a reality, but an affordable one at that!

operate smart home with your smartphone

With the affordable prices, Smart Home gadgets or the home automation systems became a viable option for consumers and homeowners.

As of now, the phrase “Smart Home” essentially means an area of residence where the appliances and gadgets related to the comfort, convenience, security and entertainment of the residents can interact with one another and can be controlled remotely. 

 With assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and, well, Assistant by major corporate houses, the milestones of smart home development is being crossed in leaps and bounds in front of our very own eyes. So, the question that arises is, what next?

Most of the things that were a prospective prototype or an idea in conception a decade ago are a purchasable reality for the masses now.

Internet of Things has brought the entire house and its content at our fingertips no matter where we are, in or outside the house.

So, what is the next big thing in Smart Homes?

As mentioned earlier, it is a field and market whose growth, though exponential, is going in leaps and bounds. This makes it difficult to pin point what would be its next major mile stone. Predictions though, are rife, about the future of smart homes.

Here, we have tried to list down the most probable “Next Big Things” in Smart Homes technology and home automation systems.

internet of ears with smart home

1. Internet of Ears with smart home

Internet of Things is a key player when it comes to utilization of smart devices in and around home. 

It is the foundation on which the idea of home automation system rests and at the same time is also the cross links that keeps every part of the smart homes connected to each other and the home owners.

The prime essential of a Smart Home is an internet connection and a networking facility in the appliances. The future vision is taking these a step or two forward.

a.    Efficiency: Increased efficiency, especially in the heating, air conditioning and the lighting system will be due to the system sensing the movement of individuals across different rooms and altering the power utilization accordingly.

b.    Discretion: In the trial phases of the product, as little as 4 sensors in the walls or the floors were able to fully function and perform all the programmed tasks. This means there would be no need for heavy load wiring and presence of unnecessary amounts of sensors. And the product will only get more and more efficient and discreet as it develops into a more commercial line of system.

remote control

c. Safety and Surveillance: Still an under-trial function, Internet of Things can be utilized to a great extent in regard to safety and sensing the presence of individuals or even pets inside the building, especially during any natural disaster or calamity. Such a system, if developed fully, can be proven life saving for the occupants of the house!

2. Voice Control and further Automations

 The current level of Smart Homes or Home Automation technology has brought the usage of all our devices to our smart phones. Everything rests on the click of a button on our phones. The next step to this will be furthering the voice control system around the house.

     Since the introduction of Siri by Apple in 2011, voice commands systems in the field of technology have not shown any sign of slowing down. Contrarily, it has grown exponentially and people are using voice commands for increasing number of things. 

In her presentation, Comscore Senior Director of Emerging Products, Susan Engleson cites a study that predicts that in as less as 2 years’ time, 50% of the searches will be through voice commands.

Voice command system eliminates the current need of interacting with your devices through text-based device inputs. Instead, with the further advancements of voice control systems, your phone will be another device lying around while your entire house goes from your fingertips to stay at your beck and call.

voice automation in your smart home

Amazon Echo or Alexa are the pioneers of this technology that have shown the true, yet still increasing, potential of how extensively voice control can be used in the day to day life.

Unlike Internet of Ears, a fully automated smart home controlled by your voice is not a prototype or a technology in the making. It is a reality for many smart homeowners.

So, without delving further into the hows we can just go to the whys. Why voice control? What are the advantages of a voice-controlled house?

a.    Safety: This is the first and the most important aspect of a voice control system. If the device is integrated to recognize only your voice or the voice of a set of residents, the safety level of your home is increased exponentially. 

For example, even in case of the off chance that there is a burglar in your house, you can easily lock yourself out in a safer section of your house, making it inaccessible from the outside by locking the particular set of doors. 

safety with smart home

Conversely, you can lock off the intruders in a single room while your device calls the police for you even if your phone is across the house from you.

Another less extreme scenario is simply asking your smart assistant which doors are locked and asking her to lock or unlock them all from the comfort of your bed as you lay down to sleep

b.    Convenience: There are many tedious chores that we groan or whine upon. In a fully integrated smart home, things like even drawing the blinds can be controlled through your voice command. Who wouldn’t love to not get up from the bed to close the blinds that our beloved relatives open to wake up?

A voice controlled home does your work for you, increasing the convenience and standard of living for the residents.


c.    Ease of Use: Speaking of India in particular and the world at large, there are many people, especially the elderly, who do not believe themselves to be tech-savvy enough to stay in a smart home.

Ironically, the benefits of an elderly staying in a smart home are unmatched! So, while our beloved parents or grandparents might not be able to handle the multitude of apps that are required in running the household, they certainly can tell, for example, Alexa, to close the gate or call you or someone else.

Voice Control makes using and controlling your Smart Home a child’s play, or even, a grandparents’ play!

3. Cross Platform Integration & Adaptation with smart home

 With the number of smart devices in use currently world wide ranging in billions, and easily more than 8 or 9 devices within a single Smart Home, the challenge is their seamless integration.

     Unless the entire development of the Smart Home was done is a systematic and planned way, a homeowner might end up with several different apps on their phones to control different aspects of their Smart Home.

     This is not only cumbersome for the user but also an added load to an already data loaded phones used currently.

While tech like Alexa have to a great extent, integrated the different Smart devices connected to it, the balance between integration and safety is something that still requires work. 

The current voice control integration has bridged the gap between the user and the devices, but not among the devices themselves.  

For example, the different devices, working in a sequence to complete the given task without any manual intervention or start or stop commands.

Pausing the TV when the phone rings.

Prepping up the dryer when the washer completes its round.

And a lot more!

Other related aspect of this line of development involves artificial intelligence that helps the devices to observe and adapt to the regular settings as well as to the environment. 

cross platform integration with smart home

The thermostat outside is reading higher humidity and temperature? The Air Conditioner drops the temperature below the usual and the turns on the dehumidifier.

There are many applications of this particular feature and to some extent, it is being used. However, the full potential of this technology is yet to be explored and the possibilities are revolutionary!

smart home

As the saying goes, “the path to development is always under construction.” Smart Homes are no different. 

With every new feature or device being added to a Smart Home, it gets more and more energy efficient, convenient, easy to use and safer. 

Indeed, making Smart Homes a common people’s thing is still an ongoing process but when it comes to Internet of Things, Smart Homes are surely climbing its ladder to the top to become the most widely used tech. 

Where this ascent takes us though, depends a lot on what the buyers, the consumer demands and what they can afford.

At iCapotech , we believe in developing Smart Home Technology in a way that they can be integrated into the normal Indian Household without any hassle or major renovation work involved.

Our products are the conception of careful analysis of what is the Next Big Thing in Smart Homes for the Indian masses. As such, our target and vision resonate with what our esteemed buyers want. 

To know more things that smart home or smart home products can do click here.

For us, our Next Big Thing is developing products that can stand on the three foundation pillars of Indian Consumers’ demands, that is: 

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Safe

For more information, get in touch with our team and see the Indian Homes reach its full technological potential!  

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Smart Switch board: Expectation vs Reality Thu, 26 Dec 2019 06:45:43 +0000 Smart Switch-board: Expectation vs Reality Just 10 years ago, smart home automation seemed something from the future which was possible only in sci-fi movies and…

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Smart Switch-board: Expectation vs Reality

Just 10 years ago, smart home automation seemed something from the future which was possible only in sci-fi movies and TV shows. It evoked a sense of awe in us, seeing doors, windows, lights, fans, computer screens etc. all working via voice commands and wireless remotes. Well, we can tell that era has definitely come!

smart switch operated using smart phone

The concept of smart homes or smart home appliances started becoming a reality a few years ago when with the boom of the mobile industry, most of the world population got access to internet, wireless communications and access to smartphones.

The boom of smartphone industry paved the way for other smart home appliances like smart televisions, smart fridges, smart color changing lights (which was heavily influenced by the LED revolution), smart fans, smart faucets and the list goes on.

But there was one problem. They were not cheap. These things came with a heavy price tag which made them a luxury. Often used in expensive luxury hotels and by wealthy families, these were a showoff rather than a utility. The awe factor of controlling appliances with just your phone using an app, well, came at a steep price.

But it wasn’t to stay like that forever. As popularity increased, the prices went down and soon affordable home systems were available to the general masses and the smart appliances producing companies jumped in on this occasion.

A report from Statista showed that the year 2018 brought $23 million to the smart home market and that 81% average US consumers, wanted preinstalled smart home switches and hubs preinstalled rather than buying them individually.

The trend soon became popular in India too with several companies emerging in this market attracting multiple customers and generating a very profitable margin of revenue. And with the introduction of voice assistants like Hey Google, Siri and Alexa came a tremendous boost in this market.Smart appliances are controlled through smart switch boards and that is why they are a key component of home automation products. 

It is what the end user uses to gain access to smart features of these appliances.

But What is a Smart Switch?

Smart switches are like your regular switches with a few extra handy features. They provide new ways to control your home lighting and switch wired devices.

They connect through a dedicated app on your smartphone over your home Wi-Fi network so that you can access your switches anytime anywhere wirelessly.

How do Smart Switch work?

Smart switches connect to your home network providing access through Wi-Fi to remotely control the switch using a dedicated app on your smartphone. They can even be managed by a home automation controller or by using a smart speaker.

But is the smart switchboard really worth it? Is it better than conventional switches and will it replace our old switches?

Let us try to answer this question by first looking at some of the expectations people have with such systems and compare that with the real situation.

less chances of failure a smart switch

1. Can smart switch malfunction

The fear of something going wrong with their new device is seen with almost every customer making a purchase and this case is not too very different. Change is difficult and it takes not only a mindset but an overall getting used to when you are making a move to smart home systems.


But fear not, smart switchboards are much more fail-proof than you think. Using a smart switch, you can control all your appliances via the dedicated app and use it as a conventional switch when your phone is not around.

One belief that prevents potential customers from opting smart switches is the fear of malfunctioning of the app as in app crash which could make their lives more difficult contrary to their expectations.

While the problem of app crash is there and even smart switches are not 100% fail proof, it is at par with conventional switches which malfunction a lot too (remember switches which short circuit or which become loose and then you need to press really hard to make it work or the ones which keep disconnecting every now and then) but with a lot of other benefits.

Sure, some companies don’t focus on making the app both aesthetically pleasing and easy to operate leading to an app full of bugs and freezes and crashes, but a lot of companies like iCapotech have a professional app which is updated regularly, is super easy to use and is crafted and coded by professional software engineers.

In a nutshell : Smart Switches are Reliable

2. They are not secure

Movies have a significant influence on the human mind. Hollywood and Bollywood movies portraying hackers cracking open into smart homes and stealing everything from cash to jewelry to gaining access to webcams thus jeopardizing privacy have prevented time and again from people wanting to switch to smart homes.

People think that by gaining access to your smart switch, they can open locks, switch on and off lights and other appliances and thus create un-necessary nuisance and thereby prefer to keep their conventional manual switch boards.

But in reality, it is not that easy to hack into your smart switchboard. Plus, the added benefits it provides can make your home even more secure. When you are out on a vacation, you can switch on the lights remotely from your location anywhere in the world and thereby make it appear that the house is occupied.

With increasing marketing and promotion of home security equipment, hooking it up to your smart switch adds an extra layer of security for your loved ones.

smart switch is secure

3. They are not cost effective

Electricity prices are surging and with increased number of electrical appliances in our home our consumption has gone way up compared to the last decades. According to a report by Economic Times, India’s energy consumption is set to grow 4.2% by the year 2035.

In comparison to manual switches, smart switches can save you a lot of money in the long run. According to research by Lutron, the average home can save up to 60% more by combining dimming and occupancy sensing in a residence,

smart switch is cost effective

People expect that since smart switches uses Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies to operate, they have to be always on but the reality is that these devices use almost negligible power to operate and in turn help you save a ton of cash.

Suppose you are on a vacation and you forgot to turn off your lights. If it was a manual switch you couldn’t have done anything. The lights would be on until you manually switched them off, but if you have a smart switch, you can just open the dedicated app on your smartphone, press a button and turn off the light from anywhere in the world.

As humans, we sometimes forget to turn off lights either by mistake or we are just being lazy. Now you can binge on your shows till late night and then just a switch to turn off the lights before sleeping.

You can also set timer using your app so that the light dims at a specific time and switches off automatically at a particular time hinting that it’s the time to hit the bed.

With the dawn of the LED revolution, manufacturers are producing LED bulbs and tube lights which produce much brighter light than conventional CFL or tungsten bulbs and consume almost 90% less energy. Many manufacturers have also come with smart bulbs which can be controlled via your smartphone but the downside is that these smart bulbs cost way more than a single smart switch.

Also, with one smart switch you can control all the appliances of your house and these work with existing non-smart appliances as well compared to controlling individual smart bulbs. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money investing in equipment.

4. They are not convenient

If controlling all of your lights, fans and electrical appliances with your smartphone isn’t convenient than what is?

Contrary to popular belief, your smart switch will not eat up all your bandwidth that you have nothing to left to stream your favorite tv shows. These consume very less bandwidth and use various wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Z waves etc. to connect and thereby provide a good connection range throughout your entire house.

With smart switches you don’t have to travel to the far end of your house in case you forgot to switch off a light.


Gone are the days when you would have to struggle to find the switches in the dark. And now you can easily enjoy your movie on your bed and fall asleep without forgetting to switch off the lights.

It is just because of the convenience factor that people switch to smart switches.

All this still maintains the ability to manually turn on and off switches as these work atop existing conventional switches!

Excited to know more about smart homes click here

In a nutshell : Smart Switches are Extremely Convenient

To sum it up:

Popular to contrary belief and expectations, smart switches are:

  • Affordable
  • Extremely convenient
  • Energy efficient
  • Secure
  • An affordable leap into the future 

So, coming back to our question, yes smart switches are extremely convenient and worth the investment. It is better than conventional switches in a lot of ways and it will eventually replace conventional switches but that is not anytime soon.

Choosing a smart switch for your home is crucial. There are a number of factors to be kept in mind. Whether or not it gives multiple users access, the cost associated, installation difficulty, range of control, ease of use etc. One of the best smart switches available in the market right now is Living Things by iCapotech.

It is a smart home lighting automation product while makes the existing lights and fans in your home smart so that you don’t have to invest in additional hardware. It connects via your home Wi-Fi and gives you the ability to control all your home light and fans using an easy to use app remotely from anywhere.

Gone are the days when you had to haggle someone to switch on and off a light. With the touch of a button your entire home lighting is in your control.

So, no worries while travelling if your forgot to switch off the light, on bumping into objects while trying to find the switch in the dark, falling asleep while binge reading or watching your favourite shows and no need to get up from your work every time you need to switch on/off something.

The best part is that due to its small size you can fit it in your switch board so that it doesn’t ruin the aesthetics of your room and no unnecessary wires lying around. It is something you can definitely flaunt!

The app is easily downloadable from the Google Playstore and can be used by 4 members so it is a one stop family lighting solution. With an affordable price tag, it is definitely something to look out for!

At iCapotech, we believe clarity begins at home and so we constantly improve our products to provide the best experience at a very affordable price. With a competent team of engineers and software developers and with the values of team work and hard work and a constant strive for innovation and technological advancements we strive to make technology smart and easy to operate. 

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Will Home Automation System Ever Rule the World? Thu, 19 Dec 2019 06:42:10 +0000 Will Home Automation System Ever Rule the World? The concept of smart home automation system looks like some sci-fi dream come true. The thought of…

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Will Home Automation System Ever Rule the World?

The concept of smart home automation system looks like some sci-fi dream come true. The thought of opening doors and windows, controlling lights and fans and other electrical equipment via your smartphone or voice commands was just a fantasy that was fun to imagine, but now it is our reality.

Once thought to be gimmicks and created only by using special production techniques and CGI is now very much integrated in our daily lives. And with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence which was just an academia a few years back, the potential of smart home automation systems is now endless!

home automation system

Smart phones and smart appliances transformed from theory into reality a few years ago with the boom of the mobile industry which was due to access to high speed wireless communication to most of the word population, improvement in wireless networks and successful marketing campaigns targeting the millennials and technology enthusiasts.

Soon other smart appliances like smart fridges, smart hue lights, smart fans and smart everything started to appear on the market.

The initial hurdle faced by smart home automation systems were that they weren’t cheap. They came at a very steep price which made them not a commodity of utility but a luxury piece. It was flaunted by expensive hotels and wealthy families and was almost inaccessible to the general public.

But with time and new innovation, the prices of smartphones and smart appliances went down and the consumption of these commodities skyrocketed. And this probably gave birth to accessible and affordable smart home automation systems.

A market study by Zion shows that the smart home automation industry will reach $53.45 billion by 2022. The trend was also corroborated by a study conducted on consumers stating that most wanted preinstalled smart home automation systems in their new houses.

home automation system

This trend also became popular in India with several manufacturers jumping in on the smart home automation bandwagon.

The introduction of voice assistants like Hey Google, Siri, Bixby, Alexa first in in our smartphones and then as home devices provided a much-needed boost to this industry as soon smart home automation was no long a luxury. The sales numbers of these appliances on Amazon and Flipkart also support this trend.

Slowly and steadily smart home automation system is becoming in-separable from our daily lives. Though our homes may not be Zarvis, the AI home automation system in Mark Zuckerberg’s house (the CEO of Facebook) but they are becoming smarter every day.

Human’s thirst for innovation have always driven this society towards more advanced technology and after a period of time it replaces the old technologies making them obsolete and thus becomes the new normal.

So, then the question that arises here is, will smart home automation ever rule the world?

Let us try to answer this question by looking some key points:

  • Benefits of smart home automation
  • Cons of smart home automation
  • Future prospect

Smart home automation systems have revolutionized the way we interact with our home. It has no doubt made our lives easier than ever. And with the integration of artificial intelligence, each smart home is now more customizable than ever.

Smart home automation lets us integrate our smart TVs, smart fridges, alarm systems, thermostat, lighting etc. all into one single module.

home automation system let us integrate

We can control this either using our voice commands or by using a smart switch which lets us control all this using one app.

And with the power of AI, these systems now recognize your daily sleeping, eating, reading, work etc. patterns and can automatically customize your experience according to that.

For example, if you go to bed at 10:00pm then it will start dimming your lightings from 9:30 pm onwards and changing the room temperature to a more comfortable so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

It recognizes when you leave for work and before you leave, it reminds you of all your important meetings and assignments of the day, notifies you of the forecasted weather, gives you information about the least congested route to your office based on collected traffic data and automatically switch off any lights or fans or other electrical appliances if you have left them on by mistake.

It will also recognize certain members of the family and customize the experience for each of them, for example access to a certain door. Thus, the integration of AI with home automation system will allow the software to anticipate the user’s daily patterns and take actions on itself based on the probable next move of the user.

security with smart home

Smart home automation systems can enhance the overall security of your home as it integrated everything from motion sensors to smoke detectors to smart motion sensing lights and even facial recognition pattern from CCTV footage by syncing with government databases. As most of the members of a family nowadays stay outside, any attempt of breach and the system will automatically notify the concerned emergency authorities.

A smart home automation system with the integration of AI will be able to automatically do home maintenance without any manual input. If any appliance is not working or if there is any malfunction it will notify the user and thus can call the company for maintenance purposes.

It can also help you to set certain appointments by calling services using the numbers available on the internet. It can also prepare the house before you arrive home either after work or after a vacation. And with the use of smart switchboards integrated with such systems, you can easily control your electrical appliances with just a dedicated app from anywhere in the world.

Not to mention that these systems are easy to use, extremely bang for the back and reduce our annual energy conservation significantly. Thus, smart home automation systems enable us to do less work more efficiently.

And in the future, there will be more seamless integration between these devices so that they can gather data from each other and work in a harmony. We can find new use like appliance diagnostics, energy conservation which can prevent major disasters due to appliance malfunctioning. It will be one giant hub of data!

But not everything is sugar coated in life. Smart home automation has certain concerns which need to be addressed and have action taken on.

With smart home automation not only, we are sharing our digital data but our physical data as well. Using such data companies will be able to target specific ads to us and though this might be helpful but sometimes this is just a nuisance. The threat of data breach can expose very important credentials which can jeopardize our privacy and security.

It will then also become a matter of ethical issue if government authorities can use these data to spy on us. The potential of such systems to get hacked is also there.

These are some issues which needs to be addressed but presently they are still either in trial phases or in debate.

The future prospect of home automation systems is very bright. Following the recent trend, the boost in home automation system is in sight and clear.

As technologies improve in the future, wireless services improve, connectivity issues improve, internet speed improves, Bluetooth signal distance improves etc. the sales in smart home automation systems will increase.

Soon we will be able to give personalized suggestions based on data collected from the user and his surroundings. 

connectivity with home automation system

 For example, by analyzing the ingredients in his fridge, the system will be able to predict macros, recipes and the freshness of the ingredients. It will be able to prepare certain appliances automatically before any work. Compatibility across all the platforms and brands will increase so whether you choose product A or B, you are able to perform almost all the same tasks.

Smart home automation systems will soon be able to act during natural calamities by shutting down doors and windows during a storm or prevent houses from shaking during an earthquake, monitor the health of the occupants and during any case of medical emergency contact the ambulance.

voice automation

The improvement in voice recognition means that more languages and dialects will be supported with lesser error of margins. The potential is unlimited!

To answer the question whether smart home automation system will dominate the future the answer is YES! But not the immediate future.

A lot of features are in trial phases and will take years before it becomes available to the general masses but you can still make your home smart by getting yourself home automation hubs like Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Homepod and not to forget iCapotech’s smart switch “Living Things”, a simple to use smart switch which connects with your existing lights and fans using Wi-Fi and make them smarter.

You can then control them from anywhere using a dedicated app which you can download on your smartphone.

No more bumping into objects finding the light switch in the dark, no more disturbing others to switch on a light or fan for you which means more power to you. You can now binge shows or read books till late night and not forget to switch off the lights waking up in the morning regretting that.

When you are about to dose off, just tap on your smartphone and its done. It is as simple as that. Simplicity and independence isn’t that bliss!

Being small in size it easily fits and hides itself in your switchboard so that it doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of your room, so you won’t have dangling wires around the room. Oh, and you can definitely flaunt it!

iCapotech believes that innovation begins at home and therefore we constantly improve our products and services so that we can provide you future proof smart home solutions.

Our engineers and software developers believe in hard work and most importantly team work to create products that are affordable and will benefit you the most!

For more information get in touch with our team!

The future is smart, are you?

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Looking for an IOT Smart Home in Mumbai? Here are 10 things to consider before buying one Wed, 18 Dec 2019 10:55:01 +0000 Looking for an IOT Smart Home in Mumbai? Here are 10 things to consider before buying one IOT Smart Homes are becoming a common sight…

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Looking for an IOT Smart Home in Mumbai? Here are 10 things to consider before buying one


IOT Smart Homes are becoming a common sight nowadays. In developed countries like the US and UK especially, smart homes are everywhere. In India too, these innovative types of homes are growing in number. Mumbai is one of those places where the number of companies providing smart home devices are large.

These companies provide customers with a wide range of devices ranging from smart speakers to smart switches. With smart homes becoming a growing trend around the world, India too is beginning to see its impact. But before building a smart home, these are some of the things to consider:

IOT based smart home devices

1.IOT Based Smart Home Devices:

The first and most important thing to consider is what devices are required. There are whole range of an iot smart home devices that are available today and choosing which all you require has become very important. Sometimes, depending on the region, there might be some devices that are essential while some that are unnecessary.

Thus it is important to know which devices to get. Smart lights and switches are essential and usually no smart home is complete without one. But owing to the temperate climates in India, a smart thermostat might not really be all that necessary.

2. Price of IOT Smart home devices:

Picking iot smart home devices for the best price possible is vital. The price of the device you want depends on what type of device it is. For example, a smart speaker might be less expensive than a smart thermostat. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the thermostat isn’t worth the price.

Therefore it always important to categorize the price of the devices depending on how important they are to your smart home. 

Smart bulbs are important, but can also be purchased for relatively low prices. Whereas smart security cameras might be a little expensive.

3. Hub:

The decision regarding whether you need a hub or not is also an important one. A hub is like the heart of any smart home. It is the device to which all other smart devices are connected.

Hubs help relay information to a number of devices in a systematic manner. It helps having a hub when you have a lot of devices and there is high traffic on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks.

Hubs are also known to be more secure than Wi-Fi. But with the advent of smart speakers, hubs are not being used a lot now. So it is important to look at your options before taking a decision regarding this.

safety and security with iot based smart home devices

4. Safety and security with iot smart home devices:

Safety is one of the major concerns for people who are looking to build an iot smart homes. In this age of technology, while devices are generally supposed to be safe and secure, there is a growing concern as to how reliable they can be.

Therefore, it is vital that you purchase devices that guarantee safety, security and privacy. In addition to that, it is also important to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections that are safe and secure.

5. Compatibility of iot smart home devices:

Another important factor that goes into deciding what devices need to be purchased is compatibility. Not all devices are compatible with each other. For example, the Apple HomePod might be compatible with Android devices. Same goes for the Google Home and Amazon Echo.

There are so many iot smart home devices out in the market today that it sometimes gets confusing as to which product to get. 

Therefore, it is always better to read up on which all devices connect easily with each other.

With that, it is also better to look up the details of your Wi-Fi connection, since some devices might not be compatible with all connections.

6. Brand:

There are a lot of brands selling smart home devices nowadays. Therefore it is vital to make sure you purchase devices from reputed brands that guarantee quality and durability.

Some smart home devices tend to get spoilt after a few months of use, while others stay for at least a year. Thus choose the right devices, which can be available at reasonable prices too.

Living Things provides you with high quality smart home products that are guaranteed to have great durability too. We also provide a wide variety of options so that you can choose the right device for your smart home.

7. Battery-powered or wired:

Smart home devices today are either powered by a battery or through a power circuit. Deciding which option to pursue will depend on what type of device you are looking at and where you plan to place it.

Generally speaking, it is always better to use a power circuit since you wouldn’t have to be worried about changing batteries every now and then. But the advantage of batteries is that you keep battery-powered devices in remote places where a power circuit wouldn’t be possible.

Furthermore, a battery-powered security camera is better since a power circuit can be easily tampered with. So if you’re looking at a normal daily use device, then connect it to a power circuit. But if you’re looking at a device you want to keep in a remote place, using batteries would be a good idea.

8. Reliance:

Smart home devices are built to make your life easier. With a tap of a button or using a voice command, you can do a whole lot of things ranging from locking your front door, turning on a  light or even playing your favourite music.

Smart home devices do it all themselves. Therefore make sure you use these devices to the optimum. There is a wide range of things these products can perform, and so it is advisable that you use them to their maximum potential.

9. Research:

Another important factor that goes into building a smart home is research. Make sure you are up to date with all the latest technologies related to the field.

Generally, an advertisement on these devices don’t show the complete picture. Therefore, we are misled into buying some devices, but not all and that can be problematic.

Research with iot smart home devices

There could be several components that might have to purchase in addition to the device itself. Therefore, don’t just rely on advertisements.

Do your own research and read up about what is required where and how. This will make sure there aren’t any loopholes in your smart home.

update yourself with iot smart home devices

10. Update yourself:

Keeping yourself up to date is also important. Once you build your smart home, you are set for about a few months. But technology advances everyday and new and more improved devices come into the market all the time.

Therefore it is advisable to keep updating and upgrading your devices every now and then. Keep a specific period like around 6 months or a year after which you upgrade your devices. This helps you maintain a good smart home.

Moreover, upgrades in devices almost always guarantees upgrades in security services, which might not be available for older devices.

These are some of the considerations you need to keep in mind before buying a smart home. India’s smart home market is growing and there is no better time to upgrade your home to a smart home than right now !

Living Things brings you the latest technology in the field of smart devices. Quality and durability are guaranteed. So if you are looking to build your first smart home, Living Things would be the best place to start.

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What You Should Know About Smart Home Setup? Thu, 12 Dec 2019 11:16:33 +0000 What You Should Know About Smart Home setup? We’ve all seen smart home setup on TV and in animation, but it’s time you witness them…

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What You Should Know About Smart Home setup?

We’ve all seen smart home setup on TV and in animation, but it’s time you witness them in real life. Home automation or smart home technology can seem like a thing of the future but it’s here to stay.

Gone are the days when automated homes were so expensive that only the Uber rich could afford, and something so complicated that only the tech savvies could operate. The rise in popularity and availability of smart products and their contribution to ease living has made them much more affordable and flexible to use today. 

The rise of virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google assistant have also contributed to the way devices can be controlled in a simple manner, remotely and conveniently

home automation system

As the smart devices industry continues to boom every day, voice operated virtual assistant get smarter and the race for 5G data is fast approaching the finish line, bringing with it data speeds nearly 1000 times faster than the data speed we currently use with 4G. Connectivity advances and the popularity of supporting hardware have made the home automation industry become an irreversible trend.

Home automation uses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect to devices used at home with a smart hub that allows home owners to control all the gadgets in their houses from a central switch board or via a mobile application.

This hub can control everything in the house from light bulbs and air conditioning to washing machines and coffee makers. Windows, door locks, face recognition door bells, security cameras and motion sensors are some other devices that can be operated through the same smart hub.

Once you are a ‘smart’ home owner and you’ve incorporated smart home technology into your house, you can switch the air conditioner on just before you get home, or switch off the light you left on in the hallway even after you are in bed. 

You can set your toaster to start at the same time every morning while you start getting ready, and set the lights to dim in a room when there’s no one inside.

While on a trip you can turn on a light bulb every evening to make your house look occupied or turn of that water heater you accidentally left switched on- all this from a simple mobile phone application, even if you are miles away from home.

Your smart home step will be reliable as you can program it to function either on a timed schedule or by certain triggers. 

You can set your air conditioning to switch off a little before your alarm goes off, or you could set the lights in the children’s room to turn off at 10 pm.

Your smart home setup functions can also be triggered by motion sensors and cameras, so you can set your toaster to start as soon as you enter the kitchen in the morning or set off security alarms in case of attempted break in. Your house will be as reliable as you are, if not more.

Your smart home setup will be more secure as it will allow you to control security systems such as locks, cameras and motion sensors while you are away and relays data collected from these systems back to you wherever you are.

You can set the security system so red lights start to flash when someone suspicious comes home when you aren’t around, avoiding theft or robberies.

Such a system can also notify the concerned authorities in case of any attempt made to break in. A smart house setup can be relied upon for your security concerns, whether you are there or not, just as it can be relied upon for other day to day functions.

Home automation systems can also differentiate between different people living in a house and customize the way things function when they’re around based on their preferences. 

They allow you to remotely monitor functions that are going on at home and control them as well. You can check whether the kids are watching television when you’re at work, or you can turn off lights and fans they’ve left on in other rooms from where ever you are.

A smart home setup will require less maintenance as artificial intelligence learns to make conversation, allowing your house to take note of any device that is malfunctioning or in need of repairs and will be able to either notify you or talk to customer services to make an appointment to schedule servicing as per your convenience. 

You’ll be spending less time and energy looking after your house while your house learns to make it more comfortable for you.

Your smart home will be more energy efficient as you can turn appliances and gadgets on or off from where ever you are or set them to a schedule or routine to make sure nothing runs for longer than it has to.

You can make sure your appliances aren’t left running even when you are outside with the help of the mobile application. 

Energy efficiency will not just help the planet but your pocket too, home automation will make your house more cost efficient as well.

smart home setup is energy efficient

While there are so many benefits to having an automated house, the amount of data collected by smart devices to provide a unique experience for each user, has been a cause of fear for some. Although this is a valid concern, tech companies are working toward resolving threats to data privacy.

A contemporary example of this is Google switching their home automation services from ‘work with nest’ to ‘work with google assistant’ to prevent transfer of any data to third party devices that do not meet Google’s security standards. 

Alternative data designs like block chain are also being tested for use in smart homes to ensure higher levels of data security. The future holds enormous potential for both hardware and software upgrades towards making smarter homes better not just for us, but for environmental sustainability as well.

Home automation has a lot in store for the future as we advance into faster and more connected times. Devices are learning to do more and they’re getting better at it too. Smart homes will soon be able to take charge of emergencies better and respond to natural disasters as well as calling for aid and help in such cases.

update yourself with iot smart home devices

Improvements in voice and facial recognition will also make using these devices almost as convenient as talking to another person. 

There’s much more potential in the industry and like home automation seems like a dream come true, many more of our smart home dreams are about to come true.

You don’t need to get new appliances and devices to have a smarter house but small changes in the devices you are using or on switch boards can also help you use existing devices with smarter technology. 

With the network of internet of things becoming bigger, all your electronic gadgets will be able to communicate with each other and will be more compatible with models of different brands, it has become easier to upgrade to an automated home at a more reasonable prices.

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What Makes a Smart Home, Smart? Thu, 12 Dec 2019 08:56:22 +0000 What Makes a Smart Home, Smart? Smart Phones, Smart TVs, Smart Watches and now, Smart Homes! Technology is surely progressing at a rapid rate each…

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What Makes a Smart Home, Smart?

Smart Phones, Smart TVs, Smart Watches and now, Smart Homes! Technology is surely progressing at a rapid rate each day! But have you ever wondered of what defines a Smart Home? What are its elements?

According to Google, a Best Smart Home is one which has its heating, lighting, cooling and other electronic facilities connected with Artificial Intelligence that can help you control these facilities using your devices. 

This means that even when you are away from your house, you can handle and control the appliances at home. 

Did you know that the process of converting your home to a smart one is known as Domotics?

Today, Internet of Things is playing a major role in the IT sector, aiding the easy automation of day to day processes. This means that the internet is connected to the physical objects that we use on a daily basis and other forms of hardware making the process easier and highly feasible.

The connectivity also allows the system to be monitored and controlled remotely and depends on the suggestions and preferences you’ve given and is also based on the information recorded from your previous search histories and usage patterns.

But how do you make your  Best Home Smart?

For a few house owners, turning a normal house into a smart home can be as simple as buying a Bluetooth speaker. But for a few others, it could be a tedious task as it involves linking their various appliances that includes speakers, laptops, smartphones, televisions, security cameras, and etc. to a single application on their phones to manage the functioning of the device.

Here is a list of elements that makes a smart home smart.

 Video and Voice input can be associated with your doorbell to increase the security and will immediately alert you about who is at your entrance, irrespective of where you are in the house.

conservation and reduction

1. Conservation and Reduction by best smart home

The first and foremost characteristic of a smart home is that it is Energy Savvy. You tend to follow an almost same pattern in using energy, gas, electricity and water on daily basis. 

Artificial intelligence records the average monthly usage and suggests you the ways in which you can save money and help you reduce as well conserve energy by providing economical options to use your respective appliance.

A research by shows that smart home automation technologies save up to 1-15% energy contributing to a greener environment and big savings on your electricity bills.

Not only that, it also makes sure that you end up living comfortably.

2. Decreasing the risk, increasing the security!

 It may be a camera or a full-fledged security system that has been installed in your house, smart systems can do much more than what you can manually. 

Additionally, it can take charge of the safety of everything at home. From intruders to wondering cats, it can capture and record everything for a later review.

decrease the risk and increase security with best smart home

You’re sure to sleep safe and sound with smart systems watching your door at all times!

3. Add some fun and ease it out:

Your daily chores like washing plates and cutting vegetables can be made more fun and easy by introducing smart technology at home.  

Smart appliances can do wonders to your living; refrigerators can save electricity and keep the food farm fresh. Microwaves come with an air fryer mode that helps you fry your food with the least amount of oil used.

If you install light regulators, your living rooms or dining hall can either be as bright as a sunny day or as dull as a movie theatre depending on your mood. 

An induction stove that converts electrical energy to heat energy can be installed in your house so that you can avoid the hassles of gas lines.

These stoves also come with a lot of options that help you adjust them according to your cooking requirements. The water filters, too, can be connected to the dishwater to effectively recycle the water and avoid wastage.

4. For a comfortable living a best smart home

Providing Fresh air and maintaining the house temperature to ensure comfortable living atmosphere are a prime task for smart home appliances.

 For instance, as soon as the smoke is released while cooking, the chimney switches itself on; when the oven is heating up, the air conditioners in the kitchen adjust themselves to keep the temperature cool at all times thus ensuring that your comfort is taken care of.Here are some unexpected ways a smart home makes your life better.

worry and hassle free with best smart home

5. Worry and Hassle-Free with best smart home

House Entertainment systems like home theatres or music systems can be connected with an application so that based on your search history, it can give you movie and song suggestions. A parent can also impose restrictions on the content your child watches and go back to see your child’s history as well.

if you have forget to switch off the music system or television set while leaving the house, the installed automated timers will switch it off on their own.

6. Enjoy your breakfast with best smart home

A toaster or a coffee maker can be connected to your phone which means that even before you are done freshening up, your hot cup of coffee and your toast will be ready for you to enjoy!

enjoy your breakfast
video and voice assistance with best smart home

7. Video and Voice Assistance with best smart home

Video and Voice input can be associated with your doorbell to increase the security and will immediately alert you about who is at your entrance, irrespective of where you are in the house.

8. At your command. Always!: Best smart home

The curtains and the doors can be operated using a voice command. All you have to say is “Open the curtains” or “Open the door” and there, it flips! Cool, isn’t it?

9. No more overflowing with best smart home

The water system attached to the water tank will have a signal or a sensor so that the system can alert you once the tank overflows or turn off the tank on its own.

10. Gardening is easy:

 With the help of a water sprinkler and drip irrigation technology that can be installed in the garden, you can take care of watering the plants. 

The smart technology appliance will water the plants at regular intervals and in required quantities depending on the season and will help in water conservation, which is the need of the hour. Don’t you agree?

In all, a smart home has all these elements which make it better in a lot of ways.  It takes care of your comfort but doesn’t compromise on how much you will save as well, If you are confused or want to know more about how you can “Domotize” your house, Living Things is here to help! We deal in the latest technology in the field of smart devices with guaranteed quality products. The homes are now getting smarter, when will you?

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12 Signs That You Should Shift to a Smart Home Device Tue, 10 Dec 2019 05:58:06 +0000 12 Signs That You Should Shift to a Smart Home Device We’ve all heard the saying “The future is now”. But what if we tell…

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12 Signs That You Should Shift to a Smart Home Device

We’ve all heard the saying “The future is now”. But what if we tell you that the future is actually here? Technology has advanced so much so that we’ve started building our own flying, self-piloting cars around us. There are multiple digital assistants around us who are designed to specially serve us at a moment’s notice.

Increase your energy savings with intelligent control graphic

In the era of Internet of Things, there is a huge demand for connected homes. With technology and innovation going hand-in-hand, smart home upgrades are on a drastic rise. But this seems to be the case in countries like the US and the UK.

Other countries, especially in the east, such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the others seem to be quite sceptical about the whole concept of smart homes. While people here are yet to accept this idea, it’s not far from being implemented.

Here are a few signs that you might want to look into that might tell you that you need to shift to a smart home device right away:

1. Insulate your wallet:

We can hear you. You want to know how smart home device technology can help you save money on utility bills?

Here’s how: When you’re rushing to work on a Monday so that you don’t get late, you can check your smartphone to see if you’ve turned on the lights and the switches instead of going back in.

You can also rely on a smart thermostat for heat and air conditioning. With the touch of one button, you can change the temperature of your house and even power it down completely

2. Saving Energy by using smart home device

 If smart home device can save your pocket, then they are sure to save some energy too! While everyone is trying to come up with methods to save and conserve energy, smart homes are a big step in the direction.

The average household could cut around one-third of its electrical energy by shifting to energy-efficient smart home technology.

save energy with smart home device

A research by shows that smart home automation technologies save up to 1-15% energy contributing to a greener environment and big savings on your electricity bills.

save resources with smart home device

3. Saving Resources:

Yes, smart home device allows you to save time, effort and lots of money. But did you know the other benefits?

It can notify you during emergencies such as a water leakage or an issue with an electrical wiring. With the help of certain devices, you can also monitor the energy utilized by each appliance.

This will you an insight about where you’re using energy the most and help you reduce it as well.

4. Saving Time with smart home device:

Everyone is always finding shortcuts to save time and we are sure you’re one of them!

Home automation helps you cut corners in innumerable ways, say for instance, you can wake up to the smell of hot coffee every day as your coffeemaker will brew it even before your alarm goes off.

Or, you could stock food in your refrigerator while you’re not home. Cool, isn’t it?

5. Peace of mind using smart home device:

Are you always worried about your kids returning home from school? Do you fret about your house when you’re travelling?

You can keep all these thoughts to rest with smart homes. A smart home system will take care of all of this and let you enjoy in peace.

Smart home devices will offer you the confidence and will ensure that your family is safe and sound when you’re not around. Not only this, you will also be able to monitor and control alarm systems, locks, smoke detectors and more via your smartphone.

6. Looking for some fun:

You might not believe us at first, but smart homes are actually fun. And if you’re someone who loves fun, then what are you waiting for?

Through smart technology you can automate your home entertainment system- you can talk directly to your television set, create a disco scene by programming your smart lights for an evening party and much more.

Your daily chores too will turn into fun as the smart devices will take care of them for the most part while you can sit and give them commands. Here are 20 reason why you should love smart home devices.

security with smart home device

7. Security: your Priority: smart home device

Do you live in a safe neighborhood? Are you constantly on the watch for burglars and thieves at your door? Why worry when smart homes can cover for you?

While you can buy alarm systems to protect your house, smart homes   come with added security. Connected lights, security cameras and doorbells are all designed to take care of your security needs.

You can also monitor who is at door or at the window and who has unlocked or locked your door- everything at your fingertips.

8. Forgetfulness:

If you are in the assumption that with smart home technology, you will be able to control only lights, then you’re wrong.

Your smart home can do so much more; your WiFi enabled smart socket gives you the power to take charge of anything at home. Are you forgetful at times?


You know the feeling when you leave your house urgently in the morning and forget to turn off the lights or the gas in the kitchen. You are constantly thinking and worrying about it until you actually reach home and check for yourself.

But imagine, never having to worry about leaving the oven turned on as you board your plane. That’s the power of Smart Home Automation!

manage multiple task using smart home device

9. Manage multiple tasks, all at once: using smart home device

Take some tedious household tasks out of your hands with the help of home automation. Picture your laundry machine automatically starting a wash cycle or your fridge that orders milk and vegetables online when you’re running low on these.

With smart automation, you don’t have to run around the house and take care of every small thing. Your house will do that for you!

10. For entertainment:

Are you a party animal? Your smart home could be the hub to relax and to arrange amazing, fun parties. Want to know how?

With connected speakers that are combined with AI based assistants, your home could turn into an entertainment pool. These devices can offer news, sports cores and so much more

entertainment with smart home device

You could turn the house into a romantic getaway for your partner or have a small get-together with close friends or go crazy- your smart home will take care of all your wants.


11. Control:

While the AI assisted technology does take care of your house, it only does so with your command. So, at the end of the day, you’re still the master of the house.

If you’re a control freak and even if you aren’t one, we know how important it is to keep your house clean and tidy at all times. But your schedule might not agree with you.

12. Voice assistance:

Do you hate typing? Even if you don’t, imagine the amount of time you could save by giving commands to your house without actually having to type it out. 

Your voice assistant will take care of all your homely requirements for you while you can go to work worry-free.

voice assistance with smart home device

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14 Things You Can Magically Do With A Smart Home Products Mon, 09 Dec 2019 08:24:59 +0000 14 Things You Can Magically Do With A Smart Home Products Smart Home Products, as a concept is slowly but effectively taking over the world.…

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14 Things You Can Magically Do With A Smart Home Products

14 Things You Can Magically Do With A Smart Home Products

Smart Home Products, as a concept is slowly but effectively taking over the world. While the West has been receptive to the idea, countries like India still have their doubts and concerns.

Smart Home products are evolving day by day much like technology itself and has been destined to become an integral part of our lives in the years to come.

While we cannot be sure of what the future hold for all of us, we can be sure of the core values that smart home technology has always aimed for- simplicity and convenience. Yes, your life can get a whole lot easier and comfortable with home automation taking up all your different roles to give you some peace of mind.

Here are 14 things we’ve put for you that will magically be done if you invest in a smart home:  

1.Curb Energy using smart home products

 Do you know how much electrical energy you waste on a daily basis? If you don’t let us tell you that it is a lot. A LOT!

With more and more greener methods being effective every other day to conserve and save our planet, 

save energy with smart home device

it is high time you do your small part too! Not just that, you’ll be saving a lot of money in the process as well, which if you ask us, is a super bonus in itself. 

With smart home products, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to switch off the lights or the gas; your home will take care of that, for you.

You don’t have to rush back home from office to check if everything is in place anymore. With the help of one button, you can control your home from anywhere. It’s time you leave the stress behind and adopt smart technology!

Lock and Unlock doors with your mind using smart home products

2.Lock and Unlock doors with your mind

Do you want your doors to do something than be mere metal hinges? Smart Home Technology is at your rescue!

With this, you can automatically unlock/lock doors when you approach and leave. You can spare yourself from the horror of losing your keys or handing them out to neighbors because now it is easy to lock and unlock doors with a simple tap of a button.

3. Automate your Lights and Control them from Anywhere using Smart Home Products

According to the US Energy Information Administration, lights account for more than 30% of a home’s energy consumption. But with a smart home, you’re sure to make a lot of savings.

They can save you money, time and a whole of energy. By automatically setting the lights to your preferences and routines, you can secure your home as well.

Brighten them or dim them as per your mood, turn them on when you want someone to feel like you’re home or turn them off automatically when you leave the house- all this and more even when you’re far from home. 

Automate your Lights and Control them from Anywhere​
Save Money on Bills​ using smart home products

4. Save Money on Bills using smart home products

With smart home products, you don’t have to sweat your monthly bills ever again. You can automatically turn down the thermostat, your AC, the lights, the heater and so much more when you’re away with the touch of a button.

A research by shows that smart home products technologies save up to 1-15% energy contributing to a greener environment and big savings on your electricity bills.

You can do so much to save our planet and also save your pocket by switching to smart technology.

5. Secure your home- Easily and Affordably by using smart home products

It’s not smart to pay for traditional security system anymore. With the monthly fees, contracts and installation fees- they’re sure to rob your pocket.

Secure your home- Easily and Affordably​

But worry not, with home automation you can lock and unlock doors from any part of the world, control the lights and also trigger a blaring siren if there’s an unwanted entry. 

The 20 Reasons Why You Would Love Smart Homes are mentioned  here 

Not just that, you can also get immediate alerts about who is at the door or the window and you’ll be able to keep a thorough check on your family.

Prevent a Small Leak from causing a disaster​

6. Prevent a Small Leak from causing a disaster

We’ve all been in instances and situations where a small leak has caused so much damage to your house. And if you’ve been through this, you know how much money it takes to get it repaired.

If you haven’t, then let us tell you-it’s not cheap. A minor leak can escalate to cause devastating damage and hence you need to get immediate alerts so that you can act quickly before it costs you a fortune.

7. You can teach things to start talking to each other

Owning a smart home products is very similar to having to conduct an orchestra. You can call on each object to play its tune, but the actual fun begins when you the objects are connected and work together to create a symphony. 

You can teach objects and devices in your smart home to work together so that they automatically react to your preferences and daily routines.

Trigger the coffee machine to start brewing before you wake up or the lights to turn on and off according to your movements around the house- everything is possible with a smart home.

Protect your family even when you’re not around using smart home products

8. Protect your family even when you’re not around using smart home products

We know you’d love to catch every move of your child but it sure is difficult when you have to go to work. And that’s where Smart Homes come in!

Since home security is not limited to the exteriors of your house, but includes the interiors as well, it becomes easier to protect your family by protecting and securing dangerous and off-limit areas.

You can also get immediate alerts if your children are opening a cupboard that they shouldn’t or are touching the cleaning supplies etc.

9. Change the lighting to fit your mood

Yes, you can turn on and off lights whenever you want with smart technology. But there’s so much more you can do with the lights in a smart home.

Automating the lighting depending on your mood and activity is super easy- be it a romantic dinner, a sports match, a friendly get together or an evening dance party.

The lighting system can also be integrated with the curtains at home so that when the sun sets, the curtains drop down automatically and when its time to rise and shine, they open on their own!

Change the lighting to fit your mood​
Enjoy a cinema experience in the comfort of your home​

10. Enjoy a cinema experience in the comfort of your home

 We all love movies and we all love them when we watch them in a theater. Right? But what if we told you could experience a theater-like experience at the comfort of your home? Cool, right?

Experience the magic of home theater with smart homes. A single button can turn on the TV, put the speakers to the preferred volume and also adjust the lighting to your liking. Say bye to a million remote controllers!

11. Find out who unlocked the door

Yes, you heard us. You can monitor who unlocks the door with the help of smart home technology.

These smart devices are designed specially to notify you when your door is locked or unlocked or if your window is opened at any time of the day when you’re not around.

Find out who unlocked the door​
Enjoy a smarter kitchen

12. Enjoy a smarter kitchen

Thanks to Smart home products , our cooking experience just got better!

With smart refrigerators, stoves and much more, you’re sure to enjoy cooking henceforth. Smart stoves and ovens can notify you when they reach the necessary temperature so that your meal doesn’t get burnt.

Our smart refrigerator lets you know when the door is left open or can automatically adjust the temperature according to the time of the day.


13. Play your music catalogue throughout the house

You might be an avid audiophile with a massive music library or a casual music listener, but the experience just gets better with smart technology. You can access all the music you want, both offline and online, from any part of the house.

Play your music catalogue throughout the house

Additionally, multi-room music distribution systems help you play music in a particular room you want- be it the kitchen, bathroom or the bedroom. You can also play different songs in different parts of the house to have a concert of your own!

14. Stay connected to your family

The only thing more annoying than sending a text to your children to ask them where they are is to ask them to teach you how to send a text itself. Checking in with people who matter the most to you should be easier, and thanks to smart home tech, it sure is now!

Just like you use your smartphone to see what’s going on in your friends’ lives on social media, you can now use your smartphone to easily check on your family and pets. You can see when your children came home from school, whether a car arrived at your driveway and if your pets are leaving the house unexpectedly.

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