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Looking for an IOT Smart Home in Mumbai? Here are 10 things to consider before buying one


IOT Smart Homes are becoming a common sight nowadays. In developed countries like the US and UK especially, smart homes are everywhere. In India too, these innovative types of homes are growing in number. Mumbai is one of those places where the number of companies providing smart home devices are large.

These companies provide customers with a wide range of devices ranging from smart speakers to smart switches. With smart homes becoming a growing trend around the world, India too is beginning to see its impact. But before building a smart home, these are some of the things to consider:

IOT based smart home devices

1.IOT Based Smart Home Devices:

The first and most important thing to consider is what devices are required. There are whole range of an iot smart home devices that are available today and choosing which all you require has become very important. Sometimes, depending on the region, there might be some devices that are essential while some that are unnecessary.

Thus it is important to know which devices to get. Smart lights and switches are essential and usually no smart home is complete without one. But owing to the temperate climates in India, a smart thermostat might not really be all that necessary.

2. Price of IOT Smart home devices:

Picking iot smart home devices for the best price possible is vital. The price of the device you want depends on what type of device it is. For example, a smart speaker might be less expensive than a smart thermostat. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the thermostat isn’t worth the price.

Therefore it always important to categorize the price of the devices depending on how important they are to your smart home. 

Smart bulbs are important, but can also be purchased for relatively low prices. Whereas smart security cameras might be a little expensive.

3. Hub:

The decision regarding whether you need a hub or not is also an important one. A hub is like the heart of any smart home. It is the device to which all other smart devices are connected.

Hubs help relay information to a number of devices in a systematic manner. It helps having a hub when you have a lot of devices and there is high traffic on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks.

Hubs are also known to be more secure than Wi-Fi. But with the advent of smart speakers, hubs are not being used a lot now. So it is important to look at your options before taking a decision regarding this.

safety and security with iot based smart home devices

4. Safety and security with iot smart home devices:

Safety is one of the major concerns for people who are looking to build an iot smart homes. In this age of technology, while devices are generally supposed to be safe and secure, there is a growing concern as to how reliable they can be.

Therefore, it is vital that you purchase devices that guarantee safety, security and privacy. In addition to that, it is also important to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections that are safe and secure.

5. Compatibility of iot smart home devices:

Another important factor that goes into deciding what devices need to be purchased is compatibility. Not all devices are compatible with each other. For example, the Apple HomePod might be compatible with Android devices. Same goes for the Google Home and Amazon Echo.

There are so many iot smart home devices out in the market today that it sometimes gets confusing as to which product to get. 

Therefore, it is always better to read up on which all devices connect easily with each other.

With that, it is also better to look up the details of your Wi-Fi connection, since some devices might not be compatible with all connections.

6. Brand:

There are a lot of brands selling smart home devices nowadays. Therefore it is vital to make sure you purchase devices from reputed brands that guarantee quality and durability.

Some smart home devices tend to get spoilt after a few months of use, while others stay for at least a year. Thus choose the right devices, which can be available at reasonable prices too.

Living Things provides you with high quality smart home products that are guaranteed to have great durability too. We also provide a wide variety of options so that you can choose the right device for your smart home.

7. Battery-powered or wired:

Smart home devices today are either powered by a battery or through a power circuit. Deciding which option to pursue will depend on what type of device you are looking at and where you plan to place it.

Generally speaking, it is always better to use a power circuit since you wouldn’t have to be worried about changing batteries every now and then. But the advantage of batteries is that you keep battery-powered devices in remote places where a power circuit wouldn’t be possible.

Furthermore, a battery-powered security camera is better since a power circuit can be easily tampered with. So if you’re looking at a normal daily use device, then connect it to a power circuit. But if you’re looking at a device you want to keep in a remote place, using batteries would be a good idea.

8. Reliance:

Smart home devices are built to make your life easier. With a tap of a button or using a voice command, you can do a whole lot of things ranging from locking your front door, turning on a  light or even playing your favourite music.

Smart home devices do it all themselves. Therefore make sure you use these devices to the optimum. There is a wide range of things these products can perform, and so it is advisable that you use them to their maximum potential.

9. Research:

Another important factor that goes into building a smart home is research. Make sure you are up to date with all the latest technologies related to the field.

Generally, an advertisement on these devices don’t show the complete picture. Therefore, we are misled into buying some devices, but not all and that can be problematic.

Research with iot smart home devices

There could be several components that might have to purchase in addition to the device itself. Therefore, don’t just rely on advertisements.

Do your own research and read up about what is required where and how. This will make sure there aren’t any loopholes in your smart home.

update yourself with iot smart home devices

10. Update yourself:

Keeping yourself up to date is also important. Once you build your smart home, you are set for about a few months. But technology advances everyday and new and more improved devices come into the market all the time.

Therefore it is advisable to keep updating and upgrading your devices every now and then. Keep a specific period like around 6 months or a year after which you upgrade your devices. This helps you maintain a good smart home.

Moreover, upgrades in devices almost always guarantees upgrades in security services, which might not be available for older devices.

These are some of the considerations you need to keep in mind before buying a smart home. India’s smart home market is growing and there is no better time to upgrade your home to a smart home than right now !

Living Things brings you the latest technology in the field of smart devices for your AC. Quality and durability are guaranteed. So if you are looking to make your AC smart, Living Things would be the best place to start.

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