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Our Story

Story behind Why? 


The story is about me, I am Madhu, coming from the engineering background in the electronics and communication domain. In the second year of my institute/college life, it was evident that i was interested in creating technological projects for good. I had a team of really smart individuals with whom, I could finish the prototype in a month. This little achievement fired a spark of motivation to create a product on the lines of the prototype. A product, we were inspired to produce for the masses, but in little to no time, our dreams come to a halt. Here we were, stuck with a thousand question and nobody to guide us.

Question like: 

  1. How to reach out to the market? 
  2. What are the certification required to the end user? 
  3. How we need to plan the product delivery timeline? 

After giving it thought, we were bogged down with negative thoughts, that we are not the fortune 500’s nor we have a sound family backing to take this thing to the production level. These ideas got stuck with us, and we stopped working on the prototype further. But this ignited a hunger in me to learn, “How to take a prototype from a nascent stage to its finished product stage?” 


I wanted to learn everything about creating a product, so I joined a startup where the team was solving a real world problem and the product was in the hardware stage, which I loved. There, we created a finished valid prototype, and there I realised it was not about technology or engineering, it’s about solving a problem. 

Solving a problem comprises of multiple engineering backgrounds like Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, User Experience Design and Computer Science. I managed the conception of the product right from the hardware design stage to the application use stage. I got to know the efforts which are needed to make a product, deploying it on ground, having a field testing cycle, fixing the bugs, creating a product version document, installing the product and a lot of other key things.


I worked with a team of 13 people, the company went on to get a US Patent and Indian design patent. Then a major challenge we faced, was the sale of the product. We had invested a lot of money in the whole cycle. Then I researched, where we went wrong. The answer stuck like a raging blow, we had worked out a product development model, we never had the customer development model. 


So when we switched, with the help of customer development model, we had multiple pilots, POC’s and finally the first sale. Then I thought, there are a lot of innovative projects, which can help the end users, in a great stage, and we can use this experience to develop a platform. 

I had now learnt how to develop a prototype from scratch and take it to the end user, and realised that it was time to move on. This prompted to start my own, and solve the bigger problem of individuals (creators, researchers) and enthusiastic entrepreneurs to create tech products that make a real impact at scale. 

Narrated by Madhusudhan Naik – the Founder

Our journeys give a glimpse of our motivations and what drives us.
Madhusudhan Naik
Founder & CEO