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We are a Team, yes you Too!

Let’s talk about you! You are a talented individual, you are somebody who has a creative spark inside you to create something, and you are probably doing something about it. You know what?

There are individuals out there like you, with a spark to push their creations inside the world. A strong will to see their creations being used by people around the world. Wouldn’t you like to support them do it? We are positive, that you will.

That’s why you are a part of our team. A team that is bound to raise the standards of creative thought, scientific temperament and purpose driven lives in the world. And you know how we will do it?

By enabling the enthusiastic creators among you to take your crude creations to finished products that people out there can actually use.

We find that a lot of the ideas remain just ideas, and at best become prototypes, because there are some intrinsic problems with the way path to development of products is perceived initially by a lot of creators out there.

Clarity begins at Home

For us to clearly articulate this problem, our founder Madhusudhan had to face some major hurdles early on in his life. The hurdles of real product development from scratch. Let’s talk about him, Madhusudhan, the first founder of iCapotech and our beloved CEO.

Madhusudhan Naik

Founder and CEO

Madhusudhan, coming from an engineering background in the electronics and communication domain from VNIT, would always take interest and effort to build products that would be impactful to the lives of people.

As he began developing his ideas into products in college, soon he realised, that the road to product development was laden with uncertainty. He joined a hardware product startup with the sole aim of learning how to produce viable end user products, that truly matter.

Gaining experience in the electronics hardware technology, Madhusudhan managed to take the product from its prototype stage to Fortune 500 clients. In the process, also getting a US Patent for the product with his tireless efforts. This has emboldened him to pursue this idea further for everyone who wants to do the same.

Madhusudhan believes in one simple ideology ‘The Team Comes First’, which is one of our company’s core value.

Salil Rana

Co -Founder and CMO

Moving further, we talk about our second key teamplayer. A brief meeting with Salil Rana shall inspire you to go out there and do the thing you always wanted.

The person thrives on his philosophy of a purpose driven life and it is only amazing that he chose to make his purpose to build this vision of inspiring and enabling the ingenious personalities among us to live an enterprising life. 

While working in his own and a number of startups Salil learnt how to build and implement Marketing plans at growth stage and conversely with shoe string budgets at early stage ventures.

His passion and skill for Marketing is vouched for,  by the students of premier B-Schools in India whom he mentors frequently. He believes himself to be a life-long learner.

Ankush Jolhe

Chief Operations Officer

Ankush lives both his personal and professional life on one simple mantra, “Simplify”

You will find him breaking down complex problems and coming up with simple solutions on the fly.

A quick and decisive mind, and being nimble on his feet make him the perfect personality for looking after operations.

It is evident that he is a strong courageous leader with an unconditional belief in his fundamentals.

On leisure time, he loves netflix on his comfy couch.

Sakib Shaikh

Senior Production Engineer

Sakib is the most hands-on technology enthusiast when it comes to prototyping. You can find him getting his hands down and involved in the circuits and electronics, when everybody is sleeping. On the other hand he is also swift with client queries, support and proactively coming up with solutions.

His excitement to give a perfect, wholesome, end to end solution to clients is inspiring. It is no wonder that product engineering and management is his forte.

He believes in always ‘challenging oneself’ 

In his free time he is a passionate photographer, and other times you will find him tuning out to Bollywood music.

Shivani Umredkar

Technical Head

Shivani brings the sharpness of a double-edged sword to the team. 

A brilliant mind, an ability to learn on the go, combined with the curiosity of a quick learner, and strong technical foundation in electronics makes her a formidable teammate to have in our A-Team.

She will update your understanding of practical technology  and beat you her wit. She has the capacity to stick to a technlogy problem long enough to come up with impeccable solutions.

She cherishes challenging herself and exploring new places in her free time.

Mayank Gupta

Chief Strategy Officer​

Mayank calmly dismantles great problems, part by part, step by step, to come up with ingenious solutions. 

You want a bird’s eye view of a problem, talk to Mayank about it. Chances are, he has already faced it but he will modestly, still choose to surprise you.

From competition analysis to competition decimation, Mayank brings to the team, well thought out strategies for critical problem solving.

He brings consistent salient energy that dissipates in the whole organisation. One can describe him as a pillar of strength.