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What Makes a Smart Home, Smart?

Smart Phones, Smart TVs, Smart Watches and now, Smart Homes! Technology is surely progressing at a rapid rate each day! But have you ever wondered of what defines a Smart Home? What are its elements?

According to Google, a Best Smart Home is one which has its heating, lighting, cooling and other electronic facilities connected with Artificial Intelligence that can help you control these facilities using your devices. 

This means that even when you are away from your house, you can handle and control the appliances at home. 

Did you know that the process of converting your home to a smart one is known as Domotics?

Today, Internet of Things is playing a major role in the IT sector, aiding the easy automation of day to day processes. This means that the internet is connected to the physical objects that we use on a daily basis and other forms of hardware making the process easier and highly feasible.

The connectivity also allows the system to be monitored and controlled remotely and depends on the suggestions and preferences you’ve given and is also based on the information recorded from your previous search histories and usage patterns.

But how do you make your  Best Home Smart?

For a few house owners, turning a normal house into a smart home can be as simple as buying a Bluetooth speaker. But for a few others, it could be a tedious task as it involves linking their various appliances that includes speakers, laptops, smartphones, televisions, security cameras, and etc. to a single application on their phones to manage the functioning of the device.

Here is a list of elements that makes a smart home smart.

 Video and Voice input can be associated with your doorbell to increase the security and will immediately alert you about who is at your entrance, irrespective of where you are in the house.

conservation and reduction

1. Conservation and Reduction by best smart home

The first and foremost characteristic of a smart home is that it is Energy Savvy. You tend to follow an almost same pattern in using energy, gas, electricity and water on daily basis. 

Artificial intelligence records the average monthly usage and suggests you the ways in which you can save money and help you reduce as well conserve energy by providing economical options to use your respective appliance.

A research by shows that smart home automation technologies save up to 1-15% energy contributing to a greener environment and big savings on your electricity bills.

Not only that, it also makes sure that you end up living comfortably.

2. Decreasing the risk, increasing the security!

 It may be a camera or a full-fledged security system that has been installed in your house, smart systems can do much more than what you can manually. 

Additionally, it can take charge of the safety of everything at home. From intruders to wondering cats, it can capture and record everything for a later review.

decrease the risk and increase security with best smart home

You’re sure to sleep safe and sound with smart systems watching your door at all times!

3. Add some fun and ease it out:

Your daily chores like washing plates and cutting vegetables can be made more fun and easy by introducing smart technology at home.  

Smart appliances can do wonders to your living; refrigerators can save electricity and keep the food farm fresh. Microwaves come with an air fryer mode that helps you fry your food with the least amount of oil used.

If you install light regulators, your living rooms or dining hall can either be as bright as a sunny day or as dull as a movie theatre depending on your mood. 

An induction stove that converts electrical energy to heat energy can be installed in your house so that you can avoid the hassles of gas lines.

These stoves also come with a lot of options that help you adjust them according to your cooking requirements. The water filters, too, can be connected to the dishwater to effectively recycle the water and avoid wastage.

4. For a comfortable living a best smart home

Providing Fresh air and maintaining the house temperature to ensure comfortable living atmosphere are a prime task for smart home appliances.

 For instance, as soon as the smoke is released while cooking, the chimney switches itself on; when the oven is heating up, the air conditioners in the kitchen adjust themselves to keep the temperature cool at all times thus ensuring that your comfort is taken care of.Here are some unexpected ways a smart home makes your life better.

worry and hassle free with best smart home

5. Worry and Hassle-Free with best smart home

House Entertainment systems like home theatres or music systems can be connected with an application so that based on your search history, it can give you movie and song suggestions. A parent can also impose restrictions on the content your child watches and go back to see your child’s history as well.

if you have forget to switch off the music system or television set while leaving the house, the installed automated timers will switch it off on their own.

6. Enjoy your breakfast with best smart home

A toaster or a coffee maker can be connected to your phone which means that even before you are done freshening up, your hot cup of coffee and your toast will be ready for you to enjoy!

enjoy your breakfast
video and voice assistance with best smart home

7. Video and Voice Assistance with best smart home

Video and Voice input can be associated with your doorbell to increase the security and will immediately alert you about who is at your entrance, irrespective of where you are in the house.

8. At your command. Always!: Best smart home

The curtains and the doors can be operated using a voice command. All you have to say is “Open the curtains” or “Open the door” and there, it flips! Cool, isn’t it?

9. No more overflowing with best smart home

The water system attached to the water tank will have a signal or a sensor so that the system can alert you once the tank overflows or turn off the tank on its own.

10. Gardening is easy:

 With the help of a water sprinkler and drip irrigation technology that can be installed in the garden, you can take care of watering the plants. 

The smart technology appliance will water the plants at regular intervals and in required quantities depending on the season and will help in water conservation, which is the need of the hour. Don’t you agree?

In all, a smart home has all these elements which make it better in a lot of ways.  It takes care of your comfort but doesn’t compromise on how much you will save as well, If you are confused or want to know more about how you can “Domotize” your house, Living Things is here to help! We deal in the latest technology in the field of devices that make your ACs smart. Even the ACs are now getting smarter, when will you?

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