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What You Should Know About Smart Home setup?

We’ve all seen smart home setup on TV and in animation, but it’s time you witness them in real life. Home automation or smart home technology can seem like a thing of the future but it’s here to stay.

Gone are the days when automated homes were so expensive that only the Uber rich could afford, and something so complicated that only the tech savvies could operate. The rise in popularity and availability of smart products and their contribution to ease living has made them much more affordable and flexible to use today. 

The rise of virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google assistant have also contributed to the way devices can be controlled in a simple manner, remotely and conveniently

home automation system

As the smart devices industry continues to boom every day, voice operated virtual assistant get smarter and the race for 5G data is fast approaching the finish line, bringing with it data speeds nearly 1000 times faster than the data speed we currently use with 4G. Connectivity advances and the popularity of supporting hardware have made the home automation industry become an irreversible trend.

Home automation uses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect to devices used at home with a smart hub that allows home owners to control all the gadgets in their houses from a central switch board or via a mobile application.

This hub can control everything in the house from light bulbs and air conditioning to washing machines and coffee makers. Windows, door locks, face recognition door bells, security cameras and motion sensors are some other devices that can be operated through the same smart hub.

Once you are a ‘smart’ home owner and you’ve incorporated smart home technology into your house, you can switch the air conditioner on just before you get home, or switch off the light you left on in the hallway even after you are in bed. 

You can set your toaster to start at the same time every morning while you start getting ready, and set the lights to dim in a room when there’s no one inside.

While on a trip you can turn on a light bulb every evening to make your house look occupied or turn of that water heater you accidentally left switched on- all this from a simple mobile phone application, even if you are miles away from home.

Your smart home step will be reliable as you can program it to function either on a timed schedule or by certain triggers. 

You can set your air conditioning to switch off a little before your alarm goes off, or you could set the lights in the children’s room to turn off at 10 pm.

Your smart home setup functions can also be triggered by motion sensors and cameras, so you can set your toaster to start as soon as you enter the kitchen in the morning or set off security alarms in case of attempted break in. Your house will be as reliable as you are, if not more.

Your smart home setup will be more secure as it will allow you to control security systems such as locks, cameras and motion sensors while you are away and relays data collected from these systems back to you wherever you are.

You can set the security system so red lights start to flash when someone suspicious comes home when you aren’t around, avoiding theft or robberies.

Such a system can also notify the concerned authorities in case of any attempt made to break in. A smart house setup can be relied upon for your security concerns, whether you are there or not, just as it can be relied upon for other day to day functions.

Home automation systems can also differentiate between different people living in a house and customize the way things function when they’re around based on their preferences. 

They allow you to remotely monitor functions that are going on at home and control them as well. You can check whether the kids are watching television when you’re at work, or you can turn off lights and fans they’ve left on in other rooms from where ever you are.

A smart home setup will require less maintenance as artificial intelligence learns to make conversation, allowing your house to take note of any device that is malfunctioning or in need of repairs and will be able to either notify you or talk to customer services to make an appointment to schedule servicing as per your convenience. 

You’ll be spending less time and energy looking after your house while your house learns to make it more comfortable for you.

Your smart home will be more energy efficient as you can turn appliances and gadgets on or off from where ever you are or set them to a schedule or routine to make sure nothing runs for longer than it has to.

You can make sure your appliances aren’t left running even when you are outside with the help of the mobile application. 

Energy efficiency will not just help the planet but your pocket too, home automation will make your house more cost efficient as well.

smart home setup is energy efficient

While there are so many benefits to having an automated house, the amount of data collected by smart devices to provide a unique experience for each user, has been a cause of fear for some. Although this is a valid concern, tech companies are working toward resolving threats to data privacy.

A contemporary example of this is Google switching their home automation services from ‘work with nest’ to ‘work with google assistant’ to prevent transfer of any data to third party devices that do not meet Google’s security standards. 

Alternative data designs like block chain are also being tested for use in smart homes to ensure higher levels of data security. The future holds enormous potential for both hardware and software upgrades towards making smarter homes better not just for us, but for environmental sustainability as well.

Home automation has a lot in store for the future as we advance into faster and more connected times. Devices are learning to do more and they’re getting better at it too. Smart homes will soon be able to take charge of emergencies better and respond to natural disasters as well as calling for aid and help in such cases.

update yourself with iot smart home devices

Improvements in voice and facial recognition will also make using these devices almost as convenient as talking to another person. 

There’s much more potential in the industry and like home automation seems like a dream come true, many more of our smart home dreams are about to come true.

You don’t need to get new appliances and devices to have a smarter house but small changes in the devices you are using or on switch boards can also help you use existing devices with smarter technology. 

With the network of internet of things becoming bigger, all your electronic gadgets will be able to communicate with each other and will be more compatible with models of different brands, it has become easier to upgrade to an automated home at a more reasonable prices.

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