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We increase Your Commercial Energy Savings!

Do you want to know how?

We increase your Commercial Energy Savings!
Do you want to know how?

Intelligence beyond 'just control'

Smart Commercial Spaces can only be smart if they move beyond remote control of appliances rather let the appliances communicate with you to give you Intelligent Control.

Increase Your Commercial Energy Savings with IoT based solutions. Get solutions, analytics & insights, & reduce your Commercial Space E-Bill upto 25%.

We let you control all your appliances remotely but we go a little further. We actionably optimize the use of your devices according to your goals. Thus giving you “intelligent control”


Our Product


Know how you are using your appliances and where you are wasting the most power.


Switch On & Off all electrical appliances like Lights, Fans, ACs, and Heaters remotely whenever you know from us that they are consuming extra power.


Create a Set and Forget rule for Switching your electrical appliances as per your convenience. For Eg: Switch on Lights at 5 pm and Switch Off at 11pm​


Notify yourself whenever your appliances exceed usage beyond a stipulated time

Living Things makes my gym feel alive. I am not worried about leaving it unattended. The experience of knowing how my ACs are consuming electricity is amazing. I am saving almost 12 units daily.
V4S Gym, Vashi

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Living Things is an IoT enabled Smart Energy Saving Platform by iCapotech.

We increase your Energy Savings by giving you actionable insights, remote monitoring & intelligent control of your appliances.

Benefits of Living Things: 

→  Know your E – Consumption, well enough to save on your bill

→ Switch On/Off Lights, Fans, ACs from anywhere in the world.

→  Scheduling these devices according to your convenience

→  Alerts to notify you when some appliance must be monitored

→  Zero/Minimal Wiring 

→  Portable, so you easily move it while shifting. Retrofit in present Infrastructure

→  Easy Installation 

Yes, you have to download the application. Link will be assigned to you, as you place your demo or order.

Yes, 4 people can use it simultaneously, each individual logs in with their own ID, and still stays connected with the Business Space.

Yes, it is intrinsically safe. We also ensure, that we check if the wiring that is present in your space is good, before going ahead with installation.

Yes, the existing switches work, manually.

Yes, There is a subscription fee making it extremely affordable. No you will not get a discount on the subscription but we can increase the duration of the subscription if you asked nicely 😉. To know more about pricing, please reach us at / +91 8779105838

Yes, you will need Wifi to work for it to work remotely. But it also has a mode that will switch it to intranet mode (a wifi network without internet). This is used when your internet is down, but you are in the range of your wifi network i.e. inside your Office.

No, we cannot control the intensity of light. We make your commercial spaces smart and energy efficient, without changing the present infrastructure, as every light/LED Panel doesn’t have intensity control driver, it is not feasible for us. Trying it anyway, can also hinder the claim of the present product warranty, if any damage occurs.

The warranty of product is 2 year. For our subscription prices we take complete liability of the product till the active subscription.

For the best performance of the device there is some data that we must collect. So yes, for the device uptime, we will get the above data, but it is safe and encrypted.

Yes, you can switch off the light from a distance, as the system is connected to cloud. 

Yes, you will be able to see which loads/appliances are switched on/off in the Gym. Even better, you will see till what time they remained on during the day.

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